Entitled Much? How a Young Ego Can Shortchange Your Success

Entitled Much? How a Young Ego Can Shortchange Your Success

The gap between the older and younger generations is growing by leaps and bounds. Technological advances have changed the way people interact, the way they think, and what they expect. This instant gratification society lends itself to a younger generation that believes they are deserving of many things oftentimes unearned.

For a young person with a college degree, there may be a sense of entitlement topped with young ego. Entering the workforce with a sense of entitlement can be a turn off to potential employers and could ultimately prevent them from securing a position. Writer Jasmine Denise Rogers details for Madame Noire how her young peers’ egos could be a hinderance in their long-term advancement:

‘I recently had a conversation with one of my classmates who happens to be a seasoned media professional in his forties with many years of industry experience under his belt. In an effort to pick his brain and get an idea of what employers are looking for from new graduates such as myself, I asked him what stands out the most to him when interviewing potential employees. He shared that his biggest problem with recent graduates in the job market is that many of them give off the vibe that says they believe that their potential employer somehow owes them something. “They walk in feeling as if they’re entitled to the job their interviewing for as opposed to realizing that they are competing for it and trying make the best impression.” ‘

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