Your Fall Season Must-Haves

Your Fall Season Must-Haves

As we approach my favorite season, fall, my plan is to ratchet up the to-do list with passion, persistence, favor, and balance. You?

A mere three months left before another year, and the great news is there is still time to make this your best year yet. Continue to plan strategically; make that money call to a potential client or employer; talk up your brand like a rock star; be your authentic self and know that you are talented; and, most importantly, find the time to do you.

Here are my favorite people and products/brands to help capture the best in mind, body, heart, soul and hair for fall 2010.

Live your passion like today was your last day and create what is essential and missing in the market place:

Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins, needed support as a single mom so she created a movement, SPRING, Inc. SPRING, Inc. provides spiritual encouragement for those who are currently single parents or who will soon become single parents through separation or divorce; those who have been widowed; those who are adopting, are foster parents, or are involved in some other custodial arrangement.

Max L. Siegel, one of the most influential executives in the entertainment and sports industry, was once the highest ranking African American executive in NASCAR. Now he can add producer to his impressive credentials with a 10-part docu-series titled Changing Lanes, which will premiere on the BET network Sept. 1.

As you know, books can transform your mind and set your ideas on the fast track. My favorites to capture the entrepreneurial spirit, provide spiritual balance and transform one’s mindset as it relates to debt, disaster, divorce, deceit, disease, and depression is Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado. And if your mission is to over-stand, leverage social media, and learn how to monetize your blog, then purchase Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Get ready for Getting to Happy, Terry McMillan’s sequel to Waiting To Exhale, which is set to arrive on Sept. 7.

Don’t believe the hype! There are no potions and magic pills to reverse the aging process. However, you can get the blood pressure, cholesterol, joints, muscles, mind and stress all in check with a four letter word — yoga. Bikram yoga is the most intense and worth a try to achieve serenity.

Spadium, New York: No need to find your passport–you can eat, love, pray and spa in your own backyard. If you live nearby a major city, there is a Korean district close by. For a mere $110 you can have a traditional Korean body scrub, massage, facial, get your hair washed and conditioned, and enjoy a sauna, steam room, and green tea.

Music can heal thy soul and transform thy inner being. Our favorite brand new mommy, Jill Scott, is in the studio putting the finishing touches on her fifth studio album, Light of the Sun. It’s scheduled to be released late this year.