You’re My Monday and My Friday: How to Successfully Work with a Spouse

You’re My Monday and My Friday: How to Successfully Work with a Spouse

As seen on 'Tamar & Vince,' working with a spouse can be a gift and a curse. (Image: File)

If you thought working with a friend could be challenging, working with a spouse is a completely different story. With their hit reality show, Tamar & Vince, larger-than-life singer Tamar Braxton and her high-profile “husband-ger” Vincent Herbert, allow audiences to get a different look into their vibrant relationship and how they manage the roles of being husband/wife-manager/artist.

While we have witnessed moments of laughter, anguish and everything in between, this feisty duo has shown us how to successfully work together while still being each other’s Monday and Friday. Check out these three tips on how to create a successful balance between work and marriage:

Be direct and respectful in communicating: When Tamar was ready to drop her “do wop pop pop” gig and wanted Vincent “The” Herbert to take her career to the next level, she communicated it. At first, Vince wasn’t exactly feeling it and wanted to wait for the perfect timing. When working with a spouse, there are times when you agree to disagree. In order to balance a marriage-business partnership, communication and mutual respect are needed to make it through tough times.

Separate work issues from home issues: When working with a spouse, it can be tempting to talk shop during personal time, causing a huge strain on the relationship. Many experts recommend that once the two of you arrive home, extinguish the office talk. Creating a casual environment—with little business-related chat— will ensure you and your boo are relaxed and in a healthy, balanced home routine.

Marriage comes first: Working with your spouse is unlike working with another employee; it’s someone you love and share your life with. Find ways to keep it fun. Go out to lunch, hang out with mutual friends or take a European vacation, Tamar & Vince-style. It can’t just be all business all of the time or the relationship will suffer. And that ain’t hot.

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