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YouTuber Kidnapped Then Released In Haiti After Attempting Interview With Gang Boss

An American YouTuber and Twitch personality was reportedly abducted in Haiti and released while attempting to interview a gang leader.

The Mirror reports an American YouTuber and Twitch personality known online as “YourFellowArab” had reportedly been abducted in Haiti while attempting to interview notorious gang leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier. The alleged incident unfolded in Delmas 6, a region in Port-au-Prince, on March 14, where the content creator, whose real name is Addison Pierre Maalouf, was seized by members of the 400 Mawozo gang.

The gang, led by Joseph Wilson, also known as Lanmo San Jou, has gained notoriety for its brazen activities, including holding captive a group of American missionaries and a Canadian in 2021. The gang’s demand for YouTuber Maalouf’s release comes with a hefty price tag of $600,000, with a portion reportedly already paid in Haiti, according to local outlet Haiti24.

Maalouf, recognized for his YouTube content focused on exploring and documenting gang dynamics, has ventured into perilous territory before, including Brazil’s favelas, where he encountered armed criminals. Miles Routledge, a British YouTuber acquainted with Maalouf, said that the abductors had reduced their ransom demand to “five figures” and disclosed that Maalouf remained confined in a cage on the eastern outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Journalist Dan Cohen has provided insight into the situation, per Game Rant. In a tweet, Cohen shared details suggesting the involvement of purported gang leader Lanmo Sanjou in the liberation of YourFellowArab and his Haitian fixer. According to Cohen’s account, Sanjou announced their release in a video, asserting that they were set free unconditionally and without any ransom demanded. Remarkably, Cohen noted the intervention of Cherizier in facilitating Maalouf’s release despite the existence of a $100,000 offer for the same purpose.

Many on social media are skeptical about the alleged kidnapping. Last year, Natalie Reynolds, a prominent figure on Kick known for her daring stunts, found herself in a precarious situation when she and her team were pulled over by police during a livestream. Reynolds had been filming a prank involving a simulated kidnapping, which escalated once law enforcement intervened. Video clips capturing the encounter swiftly circulated online, prompting a flurry of reactions.

In the footage, officers can be heard instructing Reynolds and her crew to exit their vehicle and comply with their commands. Reynolds’ remarks during the encounter, including a reference to a potential “jail stream,” sparked controversy among viewers. Some questioned the ethics of her actions, while others expressed disappointment over the incident.

Despite the intense scrutiny, there is no indication that Reynolds was arrested. However, the incident has reignited discussions about the boundaries of online content creation and the lengths some are willing to go for attention.