Yvette Nicole Brown Gets Candid About Obesity With “It’s Bigger Than Me” Movement

Yvette Nicole Brown Gets Candid About Obesity With “It’s Bigger Than Me” Movement

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown sat down with BLACK ENTERPRISE to educate us on the realness of obesity as part of the “It’s Bigger Than Me” obesity awareness movement.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 8, It’s Bigger Than Me will launch the “It’s Bigger Than Me series” moderated by Brown and a panel of influencers and healthcare professionals on conversations about obesity.

The series continues the successful It’s Bigger Than Me Live tri-city tour from last year and aims to dispel myths surrounding obesity and educate viewers about the challenges that lie at the intersection of culture and pursuing health.

Brown took part in last year’s tours alongside Queen Latifah and loved the insightful initiative.

“The whole crux of it is teaching people that obesity is a disease,” Brown told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I don’t think, at least when I was growing up, we didn’t look at it that way. And when you look at it through that lens, it changes how you talk to yourself.”

Brown spoke openly about weight changes throughout her life and shared her hope for the campaign to help bridge a gap and form new obesity allies and advocates.

“If you’re living with obesity, it changes how you treat others that are living with obesity, and it creates a space for us to talk about it in a way that keeps everybody’s dignity,” she said.

The series tackles stigmas and shares facts and resources with a round table of people who understand the seriousness of the disease. The series begins on March 8 and will continue every other week through mid-April.

“Each of our talks, we’re talking to influencers, doctors, people living with obesity, talking about body positivity versus health,” Brown explained.

Press play below to hear Brown get candid about the disease and dish on her new BounceTV sitcom called Act Your Age with Tisha Campbell and Kim Whitley.