Zeus Network And Money Mayweather Collab Bring In Big Brawls And Big Bucks On Fight Night

Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring for an exhibition match on Sunday but his fight with John Gotti III ended with one of two brawls in and out of the ring.

Fists flew in every direction at the end of Mayweather vs Gotti on Sunday at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. The boxing champion had been exchanging shady jabs with Gotti throughout the fight, to the point referee Kenny Bayless had to intervene, as noted by Bleacher Report.

But Bayless could only do so much when chaos erupted at the start of the sixth round after Gotti started swinging illegal punches after the bell. That’s when members of both entourages jumped into the ring and started fighting each other.

Gotti was allegedly set off after the referee called off the fight,  Sporting News reports. While Gotti is credited with holding his own while fighting the boxing champion, MMA Fighting did score all five rounds in Mayweather’s favor.

Despite the brawl, it was an easy cash grab for Mayweather who reportedly raked in around $25 million in the exhibition match while Gotti earned an estimated $20 million, via Insider Sport.

Meanwhile, complete mayhem was taking place behind the scenes when reality star Joseline Hernandez was seen beating up a former cast member of her Zeus Network show “Joseline’s Cabaret,” TMZ reports. Videos show Joseline and her entourage physically attacking a season 1 cast member by the name of Big Lex.

With Zeus Network collaborating with Mayweather to showcase the exhibition match, there were a number of Zeus personalities on hand for the event. That’s ultimately what led to Joseline and Big Lex crossing paths which resulted in complete mayhem.

Viral video clips show Joseline pummeling Lex with punches and kicks before unleashing her rage on anyone who came into her space.


Her violent actions didn’t go unwarranted by cops who arrested Joseline on Monday on four charges including trespassing and battery. The “Love & Hip Hop” star is no stranger to violence, she is known for getting physical on her shows.

Just last week, Joseline trended after fighting Amber Rose on BET’s “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.” Season 2 of her Zeus Network show was plagued with lawsuits after Joseline physically assaulted members of her cast during the reunion.

Most recently, Joseline was announcing tryouts for season 3 of her show. Zeus Network appears to be sticking beside Joseline despite her behavior on and off the screen.