16 Responses to 15 Black Artists Who Died Too Young

  1. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    Are you serious? How in the world do you have a list of “15 Black Artists Who Died Too Young” and not include MICHAEL JACKSON!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me… come on BE. You left off Michael? He was arguably the greatest artist in the history of music and he didn’t make the list?

    You might want to consider changing the title to “20 Black Artists Who Died Too Young” and add Michael Jackson (50), Philippe Wynne (43), David Ruffin (50), Phyllis Hyman (45), and Gerald Levert (40).

    So confused and baffled right now. You really must step up your research (or just listen to more music), Anslem Samuel. You really must.

    • melanie says:

      I don’t think they meant to slight anyone. It’s just that the majority, maybe even all, of these entertainers died before they were 30. Most in their early to mid-20s. When they said “young”, I think that’s what they meant. Although 40s and 50s isn’t old, when you look at the artists featured, you see why artists like MJ and Ruffin, etc., aren’t mentioned. J/S

      • inge says:

        Four out of 15 (slightly more then 25%) are in their 40ties and the oldest 45, so I think including MJ should be expected, as 50 is also young in regards to dying.

    • Kostner Taylor-Rose says:

      The age limit is 45 Michael Jackson was an amazing singer but he was no young………. The age limit should really be about 30.

  2. Miss Verna says:

    So you mean to tell me just because this Amy Winehouse try to sing soul that she is all the sudden a Black artist? WTF.

  3. cr8ursuccess_com says:

    It’s sad that they died so young.

  4. JD says:

    Here’s another, the great pioneering electric guitarist: Charlie Christian who was25.

  5. Andy says:

    So I followed the link to this page expecting to see who the 15 black artists are who are unlucky enough to make onto this list, and, WTF !!! I’m confronted by a picture of Amy Winehouse ???? Please can someone explain… I’m confused.

  6. Andy says:

    I mean for Christ’s sake, Amy Winehouse? …. where is Robert Johnson??? Where is John Coltrane??? Where is Cannonball Adderley??? where is your black history at man???

  7. the one says:

    Can someone explain to me how Amy Winehouse is considered a Black artist? Whoever did this should be hit in the face.

  8. Sir Larre says:

    Um she’s not black…Whoever put this list together should be fired. Won’t be coming to this site again for accurate info.

  9. Sir Larre says:

    Sorry the cut off should be 35. For most artists that is where “young” ends. And the category is young not early. You can love MJ all you want but he was old. Just because you are still performing doesn’t change that.

  10. lexi james says:

    Blah blah blah, Amy made the list and she’s dead! All of yall complaining, sit down ans shut the fuck up!!

  11. Afro Mann says:

    RIP my people …

  12. j L says:

    In response to the complaints of the inclusion of Amy Winehouse on this list: It looks likeshe was included [by Black individuals] on this list because, to quote the list’s author, “Winehouse’s musical impact, which borrowed elements of Black artists, will remain her greatest legacy. In light of Winehouse’s untimely passing, compiles a collection of other great artists who died before their time. —Anslem Samuel”… And, maybe she was part Black: people with a fraction of Black descent, sometimes choose to identify with being Black. She had dark enough features that she could have been mistaken her for part Black. Her parents were Jewish, from Russian descent, but maybe she was adopted… And many of the Mediterranean races, such as some Greek and Sicilian, are known to sometimes have a mixture of ethnicity ranging from Greek, Turkish, African, middle Eastern, as well as Italian… Her death was still a tragic loss: don’t think a possible lack of pure, “Black” ethnicity should make it such an be such an issue that she is included on this list.

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