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Hollywood Producer Stephanie Frederic Talks ‘Light Girls’ Documentary and Colorism within the Black Community

Producer Stephanie Frederic talks working on “Light Girls” documentary and the need to talk about…

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OWN Airs Documentary About Pain Of Light Skinned Women On MLK Day

Bill Duke follows up documentary “Dark Girls” with “Light Girls” on Jan. 19

Filmmaker Bill Duke’s latest look at colorism after award-winning “Dark Girls” called “Light Girls” debuting…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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22-Year-Old “” Founder Karyn Washington Commits Suicide

Karyn Washington started the #DarkSkinRedLip project to combat remarks that encouraged colorism in the black community

Another young life lost

By Patrick Austin

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dark girls doc

OWN’s Dark Girls Documentary Gets Strong Reactions

What is your take on colorism?

In one of the segments, young men were presented a choice on what type of…

By Sasha King

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Kendrick Lamar Asks for Darker-Skinned Female Lead for Video

Lamar says the industry needs "more balance" in terms of skin tones

Rapper Kendrick Lamar fights colorism in the music industry

By Makkada B. Selah

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Zoe Saldana Responds to Nina Simone Row

Zoe says she's doing it for 'her people'

Zoe speaks out about playing Nina Simone

By Makkada B. Selah

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Reality TV Mom Won’t Let Daughter Play Outside: ‘She’ll Get Too Dark’

Do you think black men prefer lighter-skinned women?

A mother on ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ won’t let her daughter play outside in the sun…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Does Colorism Still Matter?

What do you think of colorism and the effects it's had in our communities?

What do you think of colorism and the effects it’s had in our communities?

By Black Enterprise

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How To

Password Protect Your Flash Drive In Two Simple Steps

Flash drives, thumb drives, USB sticks: whatever you want to call them, they’re more than…

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Black Female Voice Actor on How to Break into the Lucrative Voice-Over Business

“The secret society [of the voice-over business] is due in part because it’s a career…

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