Candiace Dillard Talks Colorism In Reality TV And Teases “RHOP” Season 8 Drama

The Real Housewives of Potomac is back for Season 8, and Candiace Dillard-Bassett is teasing what’s in store for viewers!

With her music career gaining momentum, Candiace is busy touring the country and filming television shows simultaneously. The new season shows how her non-stop schedule is taking a toll on her and Chris’ marriage. A recent health discovery further heightens her stress level as she works to figure out her next move. Regarding her dynamic with the group, she and Wendy Osefo are still a double team, as Candiace returns to battling it out with Ashley Darby ,while rocky relationships are issues for Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon.

“It was the Twilight Zone in a lot of ways,” Candiace told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I left this season more grateful for real friendships and more sure that friendships that don’t matter just don’t matter.

In addition to RHOP, Candiace is also a star on the All Blk series Hush, where her former co-star and fellow reality star Erica Mena got herself ousted for making some colorist remarks on Love & Hip Hop ATL.

Candiace finally broke her silence on her co-star’s recent controversy and addressed the colorism debate we saw her bring to the table on RHOP last season.

“When I saw the clip, I was very hurt,” she said of Mena. “I do wish that Erica were able to see things differently.”

But she looked at the “teaching moment” that came from the controversy and said the conversation of colorism should “never fall to the waste side” in reality television. When it comes to issues of colorism on her own show, the conversation was had during the RHOP season 7 reunion.

When asked if her co-stars have changed their tune since facing criticism last year on the issue, Candiace seemingly insinuated that only some have gotten on board.

“I think that those in our group who wanted understanding were purveyors of that, and those who didn’t want understanding were purveyors of that,” she declared.

Candiace also addressed the massive brawl that broke out while filming RHOP over the summer and responded to criticism from fans over her history of grabbing objects during heated exchanges.

“Walk in my shoes for a day, and then let’s discuss,” she quipped.

Press play, below, for the full interview. The Real Housewives of Potomac premieres on Bravo on Sunday, November 5 at 8 pm.