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Calling All Recruiters: How to Best Screen Candidates via Social Media

A step-by-step process on finding the best of the best on the Web

When it comes to finding great talent, recruiters must also leverage their visibility on the…

By Sasha King

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How to Reinvent Your Brand With Social Media

Consider the methods used by these five entrepreneurs

BlackEnterprise.com highlights tips to reinventing your brand via social media.

By S. Lynn Cooper

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Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, both football players at Steubenville High School, received a guilty verdict on all charges (Image: File)

Social Media Plays Immense Role in Steubenville Rape Trial

New technology making everyday people apart of conviction process

In a case that played out not only in the court room, but from smartphone…

By Janel Martinez

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5 Social Media Pitfalls Brands Need to Avoid

Avoid these social media offenses

BlackEnterprise.com highlights five tricks of the trade to help you steer clear of common social…

By S. Lynn Cooper

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How to Get the New (and Improved) Facebook Newsfeed

Redesigned Facebook newsfeed rolls out today

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new look for the newsfeed on Thursday morning. The…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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6 TweetDeck Alternatives

With the social media dashboard dead, these other options help you socialize with ease

Popular social media platform TweetDeck is shifting gears, killing off its older mobile offerings like…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Sports Tops Social TV Spots, Data Shows

NBA games dominated both cable and broadcast programming

According to data provided by Trendrr, NBA games were the most-discussed programs this week.

By BlackEnterprise.com

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How to Use Social Media, Without Getting Sucked In

4 ways to avoid getting sucked in by social media

In honor of the National Day of Unplugging, here are 4 ways to avoid getting…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Whether you’re stateside or abroad, social media has made our world a  lot smaller. Last week’s Social Media Week (SMW) events and  conversations, many of which took place on Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram, to name a few platforms, are proof that geographic borders  can’t contain the flow of ideas in the digital age. 

With the dust slowly settling on SMW Lagos, which made its debut in Africa last Monday, BlackEnterprise.com is highlighting power women in Africa who have made a sizeable social  impact. These women were selected for their influence and position in  their respective industry, relevance within their field or due to their  promising future. 

From socialites and politicians to actresses and technophiles, these 10 power women should be on your Twitter list: --Claudine Moore

International Influence: 10 Power Women in Africa to Follow on Twitter

From socialites and politicians to actresses and models, hese 10 power men should be on…

By Claudine Moore

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Small Business advice from Twitter’s Founder

International Influence: 10 Power Men in Africa to Follow on Twitter

From executives to entertainers, these 10 power men should be on your Twitter list

BlackEnterprise.com is highlighting power men in Africa.

By Claudine Moore

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Father Pays $200 to Daughter to Shut Down Facebook Account

A Massachusetts father signs a $200 agreement with his daughter to stay off Facebook.

A Massachusetts father agrees to pay his daughter to stay off Facebook.

By Amber McKynzie

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5 Common Social Media Myths for Business Debunked

Social networking myths exposed

BlackEnterprise.com debunks 5 common social media myths.

By S. Lynn Cooper

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It’s Not Just About Tweeting: Top 5 Coolest Social Media Jobs

As Social Media Week winds down, check out what it takes to get the hottest gigs

It takes more than just tweeting to be a social media professional. Here’s a list…

By Janell Hazelwood

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18 Notable (Black) Social Media Moments

From Whitney's passing to #hoodiesforTrayvon, see the top social media moments

With Blacks at the helm of social conversations, BlackEnterprise.com takes a closer look at the…

By Winston Ford

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New media has changed the way businesses function, increasing the amount of power consumers hold. This shift is evident in the way consumers use, socialize and interact with brands on the Web. Let’s face it: We are now, all—like it or not—immersed in a socially driven society, where the need to share every move, want, or purchase is apparent via our Google+ circles, Foursquare and Facebook check-ins, and instantaneous Twitter updates. 

Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting at JWT in New York, set out Monday to inform brands how they can take advantage of social media at the opening of Social Media Week, showcasing some top consumer trends and the various ways customers interact with them. See what four trends brands should pay close attention to this year--and beyond. --Noni Cavaliere

History in the Making: Social Media Week Expands to Africa

First-ever Social Media Week Lagos debuts with much success

Social Media Week Lagos made its debut on Monday. Attendees have the opportunity to sit…

By Claudine Moore

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Social Media Networks Are Not Created Equal: How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Brand

How to choose the best social network

BlackEnterprise.com outlines how to choose the best social networking platform for your brand.

By S. Lynn Cooper

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6 Networking Tips for the Socially Awkward

Here's how you can avoid weird online communication snafus

Online communication can include weird moments that are avoidable. Take heed to these tips so…

By Dominique Hobdy

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Career Lessons You Can Learn from Beyonce’s Winning Super Bowl Deal

Be inspired by the platinum-selling diva's stellar boss moves

Four lessons Beyonce has taught us all about how to stand the heat in our…

By Courtney Connley

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Tea Party Republicans Leave Facebook, Launch Own Community

Members of new site say they were "bullied by liberals" on Facebook

Tea Party Repubs defect to a new conservative alternative to Facebook

By Makkada B. Selah

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Audi's interactive campaign allowed users to pick the ending of the ad (Image: Audi)

Viewers Choice: 5 Super Bowl Moments You Helped Create

Social media users help brands pick Super Bowl spots

Here, BlackEnterprise.com take a look at how several well-known brands are building interactive social campaigns…

By Winston Ford

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