BE 100s Quick Look: M.R. Beal & Co.: Black-Owned Investment Bank

The “BE 100s” is Black Enterprise‘s annual listing of the nation’s largest and most successful black-owned businesses. “Quick Looks” provides snapshot information on these companies. These business are current and/or former BE 100s companies. 

M.R. Beal & Co Is One of the Largest Black-Owned Investment Banks 

Founded by Bernard Beal in 1988, M.R. Beal & Co. is one of the largest black-owned investment banks in the U.S. M.R. Beal specializes in municipal/corporate underwritings, equity IPOs and secondary offerings, as well as financial advisory services.

Since its inception, the New York City-based firm has grown from eight professionals in one office to over 30 people located in offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Sacramento. The company has managed more than $400 billion in municipal financings and $15 billion in equities; advised over $7 billion in 60 financings; and has been involved in more than $75 billion in equity financings.