10 Things You’re Doing Wrong Every Morning

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong Every Morning

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We all have our morning routines that we’ve probably had for longer than we can remember. The problem with many of these routines, however, is that they may ultimately be working against us.

In order to operate at our fullest potential, there are a few things we may want to give up in the morning in exchange for a productive, focused day.

Check out 10 below:

  1. Not giving thanks. Let this be the first and foremost. You’re alive and well with a sound mind and a chance to be better than you were yesterday. That’s worth being thankful for.
  2. Rejecting the silence. If the moment you wake up in the morning you’re turning on the radio or television, you’re missing out on the clarity, perspective, and calm that comes along with “quiet.” Give yourself a moment to be silent, be still, and be present.
  3. Hitting the snooze. That extra 10 minutes will only make you want 10 more. Get up and greet the day. Try to go to bed a bit earlier the night before, so that you feel rested and ready when the alarm blares.
  4. Focusing on the negative. Yes, you have to go to work. Yes, the weekend should’ve been longer. Yes, commutes suck. Yes, you’re overwhelmed–but no, you don’t have to dwell on it. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with the day, take a moment and quickly think about 10 things that are just right.
  5. Not stretching. Stretching in the morning gets the blood flowing, reconnects you with your body, improves your posture, and relieves aches and pains. It’s good for you–do it.
  6. Not drinking enough water. A full glass of water first thing in the morning works wonders. Not only is it refreshing, but it also detoxifies, jump-starts your metabolism, and helps to fuel the brain via hydration.
  7. Not saying affirmations. Speak positivity into your day and be convinced that it’ll be just as awesome as you anticipate.
  8. Not exercising. Even if it’s short and light, getting your body moving early releases endorphins, provides clarity, and sets the tone for the day of investing in you.
  9. Checking emails. Just no–it’ll have to wait.
  10. Scrolling social media feeds before self-gauging. There will be noise coming at you all day, now is not the time. Instead of seeing what everyone else is doing, thinking, or feeling first thing in the morning, why not use this as time to check in with yourself: How are you? How will you be? What will you be doing? Assess your life first, you’ll get to everyone else’s in just a moment.

Right these wrongs and note the changes in your life and livelihood, as you make adjustments. Let us know how it goes!



Safon Floyd is the Digital Editor at Black Enterprise. Follow her @accordingtofon.