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Real Life Cane And Abel: 14-Year-Old Teen Allegedly Kills 17-Year-Old Brother, Authorities Find Family ‘Hit List’ In Backpack

In a shocking and tragic incident, a 14-year-old boy faces serious charges after confessing to the murder of his 17-year-old brother and revealing a disturbing ‘hit list’ of family members he intended to harm, according to the Daily Mail.

The harrowing event unfolded Oct. 3 in the town of Banks, Pike County, Alabama, as law enforcement responded to a distressing call from the father, who had discovered his teenage son’s lifeless body. The 17-year-old teen had been missing since Monday, but the situation had not been officially reported to the authorities. As law enforcement questioned the victim’s 14-year-old brother, whose identity remains undisclosed, he shockingly admitted to the murder.

Sheriff Russell Thomas detailed that the young suspect disclosed his evil intentions to classmates, indicating that he was not yet finished with the alleged reign of violence.

The teenager described how he allegedly attacked his brother, who staggered out of their residence in a desperate bid to escape and fell at the bottom of the steps. The assailant then reportedly dragged his brother’s lifeless body approximately 60 yards to the rear of the property.

Even more disturbingly, the teenager asked a friend to assist in murdering the remainder of his family and concealing their bodies. The friend revealed that the Alabama teen maintained a ‘hit list’ in his backpack, specifying family members he wished to target, and made alarming statements about wanting to carry out violence at their school, according to WSFA.

The boy’s father discovered the body when he was called to pick up his son from school, who had expressed concern about his missing brother. Law enforcement’s investigation led to the unsettling discovery of the ‘hit list’ in the 14-year-old’s backpack at home and information regarding his threats at school on the day of the murder.

Although the local school system has not found evidence of an imminent threat, they have requested an increased law enforcement presence on campus. District Attorney James Tarbox has charged the 14-year-old boy with murder, treating him as a juvenile. He is currently detained in a juvenile facility. Sheriff Russell Thomas expressed relief that no further casualties resulted from the 14-year-old child’s access to a weapon. However, a hearing is scheduled for next week where a circuit judge may decide whether to certify the teenager as an adult, potentially leading to the release of his identity.

In light of this event, the Pike County School System in Alabama has extended its deepest condolences to those affected by the tragedy. It is making arrangements to provide mental health counseling services on campus soon. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need to address the emotional well-being of young individuals and the critical importance of mental health support within our communities.

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