15 Luxury Travel Destinations: If Money Were No Object

If you can afford to book a first class flight to a luxury destination or you’re simply interested in living vicariously through the wealthy, Switchfly, a global travel and technology company has released its list of luxury destinations.

According to Switchfly, the survey was compiled from their platform data of travelers around the world. Additionally, the destinations were ranked by average length of stay and give some insight into the traveling habits of people flying first class and sleeping five star.

Seoul, South Korea, known for its high-end shopping and uber-luxury hotels, tops the list, where wealthy travelers spend an average of 13 days shopping, eating, and sightseeing. Dubai and Milan also recognized as a playground for the wealthy, round out the top three spots.

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Here are some additional highlights from the survey:

  • Luxury travelers are spending at least twice as much time on their vacation as the average American does.
  • The average luxury travel vacation is more than a week long, and the top 15 destinations vary from an average length of stay of 8.3 days in Miami, Florida, USA to 13 days in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Greece’s economic problems have been a boon to travelers, and the country ranks as the most popular country with three cities in the Top 15. Athens, Greece is the 4th most popular luxury travel destination, while Crete and Mykonos come in at #12 and #13, respectively.

Here’s the complete list of luxury destinations:

1. Seoul, South Korea (13.0 days)
2. Dubai, UAE (12.7 days)
3. Milan, Italy (12.3 days)
4. Athens, Greece (11.5 days)
5. Singapore (11.1 days)
6. Frankfurt, Germany (11 days)
7. Sao Paulo, Brazil (tied 10.6 days)
7. Hong Kong, China (tied 10.6 days)
8. Bali, Indonesia (10 days)
9. Lisbon, Portugal (9.7 days)
10. Tokyo, Japan (9.6 days)
11. Crete, Greece (9.2 days)
12. Mykonos, Greece (8.7 days)
13. Rome, Italy (8.5 days)
14. Miami, Florida, USA (8.3 days)

Which luxury destination would you choose?