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3-Year-Old Caught Unwrapping Everyone’s Christmas Presents At 3 AM

A three-year-old gave his parents a surprise when he awoke at 3 a.m. on Christmas and unwrapped every single gift under the Christmas tree.

A three-year-old boy in North Carolina gave his parents a cute holiday surprise when he awoke at 3 a.m. on Christmas morning and proceeded to unwrap every single gift under the family’s Christmas tree.

Scott Reintgen, the father of the excited little toddler, documented the aftermath in a viral social media post, Daily Beast reported.

“Yall. My three-year-old came down at 3 a.m. and unwrapped EVERYONE’S presents,” Reintgen wrote on the site X, formerly known as Twitter, alongside a photo displaying the leftover torn wrapping paper and opened presents around the base of the tree. Viewers could see that no gift had been spared from the child’s unwrapping rampage.

While the early morning unwrapping spree may have spoiled some of the Christmas magic, it also provided a funny family story that the parents plan to tell for years to come.

In a follow-up, Reintgen explained that the family managed to re-wrap some of the presents in an effort to “stop the villain origin story” of their oldest child. But the parents took the incident in stride. “We, on the other hand, are sipping coffee and plotting to tell this story at his wedding,” Reintgen added lightheartedly.

The viral social media post resonated with other parents, garnering over 200,000 likes. Many recalled their own stories of kids who couldn’t resist peeking at their presents before Christmas morning.

Recalling the story of his son’s holiday actions may come easy for Reintgen, whose bio on X, formerly known as Twitter, says that he is a New York Times bestselling author of the books A Door in the Dark, and author of the upcoming book A Whisper in the Walls.

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