4 Spiritual Ways to Bring Your Vision to Reality

4 Spiritual Ways to Bring Your Vision to Reality

Marcus Gill is a millennial who is making major moves as a pastor who understood the will of God and the calling that it’s had on his life. He prides himself and focuses on bridging the gap of ages, cultures, as well as society, by always giving a message that is relative to all his listeners.

As a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, Pastor Gill perfected his knowledge of the music business and successfully completed coursework at Harvard University in Religious Literacy. Pastor Gill is a published author of four books: Single God Life, 10 Ways to Stay Free, Happy Single You, and his latest, Psalm Saturday.

Gill is a renowned international motivational speaker and preacher, with over 1.4 million followers on Facebook alone. He’s the founder of Marcus Gill International, based in New Haven, Connecticut, and has reached over 3 million people who have acknowledged Christ as their Savior. Gill is a firm believer that everyone should write their vision and make it plain.

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Black Enterprise had a moment to catch up with Pastor Gill on tips to bringing your vision to reality, as he leads by example, and has followed these proven tips to yield success with his dreams and his calling.

  1. Always remain consistent. People ask me all the time how I can maintain the attention of more than 1 million people every week through my Facebook posts, and the answer is always consistency. You must always remain unchanging when it concerns your work or craft. Consistency is necessary for your craft to develop into the successful work of your dreams. Your level of consistency proves to the world that you truly believe in your own hard work and work ethics.
  1. Avoid making attempts to repeat the journey of someone else. I believe that all of us were born with a high level of unique greatness. My theory on uniqueness has everything to do with the fact that God has the unlimited ability to be creative. What God has given to one he doesn’t have to share with another. One of the best ways to fail is to watch and compare yourself to others who are in places that you want to be. I used to watch others and get upset, wondering why my time hadn’t come and I soon realized it was a waste of time that I could be using to build my own empire.
  1. Connect with people who are where you want to be. It’s very important that you connect with people who are in the places that you want to go. I believe that we must spend time with the caliber of people that we want to be like. Surrounding ourselves with people that we aspire to be like, will help push us toward our own destiny. Successful people will motivate you, and tell you the truth about your failures. It may hurt your feelings, but it made me change for the better. Great people will challenge you, and that’s always good for your journey to success.
  1. Gladly accept rejection. When I prepare to embark upon a new project, I prepare for rejection. One of the reasons why most visionaries never accomplish their goals is because they fear rejection. I strongly believe that fearing rejection will cause you to have fear in taking the first step. I learned that man’s rejection can be God’s protection. All closed doors aren’t bad. I see closed doors as opportunities to journey toward better doors. When God opens a door for your vision to come to pass, nobody can close it.

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