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School Supplies Just Got More Lit With These 5 Black-Owned Brands

It used to be that the pickings for school supplies were slim when it came to Black brands. However, that’s no longer the case. As young ones continue to grace the halls of educational institutions, parents and nontraditional students alike will need to have all bases covered when it comes to the essential needs. These items tend to change according to grade, instructor, and individual students. Nonetheless, they are necessities that are a part of academic success. What better than tools that represent Blackness?

There are a plethora of Black brands and companies that cater to the Black student demographic. 


Book Bag

because of them we can book bag
(Image: Pinterest)

How dope is this book bag by Because Of Them We Can? It pays homage to historical Black figures who dedicated their lives to activism and understood Black lives mattered long before it became a popular movement and slogan. The backpack is suitable for all ages and sells for about $50. 



Black Girl Magic pencils are the perfect tool for Black girls to affirm themselves in classrooms where Black girls are targeted at alarming rate. 



Bellen’s More Than Peach Crayons were created by 12-year-old Bellen Woodward, who recognized the need for flesh-tone crayons that represented the spectrum of Black complexions, a stroke of genius that got her featured in Time


Pocket Folders 

These pocket folders produced by Creative Soul Photography are rich in color and illustrate Black students. Not only do these sleek organizers reaffirm the importance of education, they also place Black children in that narrative. 



NikNax is a Black-owned stationery company that produces notecards, notepads, greeting cards, you name it. But what caught our eye is the company’s inclusive products. NikNax’s “Left Gang” notebook is especially made for left-handed writers. The notebook opens from the left and its spiral binder is located at the right margin, making it easier for students to navigate the page as lefties. 


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