5 Signs Your Job is Completely Stressing You Out

5 Signs Your Job is Completely Stressing You Out

(Image: iStock.com/alexandrenunes)

Not sure that there is any job that is completely stress-free but I’m pretty certain that there are more jobs that are far more stressful than others–even when they don’t necessarily have to be.

Though many presume that stresses of work come with the territory, there must be limits.

The writing off of work stress can silently kill you if you let it. It is in your best interest to get a handle on your stress before it gets a handle on you.

The issue with stress is that many of us haven’t a clue as to what’s “normal” and what’s far too much.

Below is a quick guide to let you know when you’re job is completely stressing you out and that change is overdue.

  1. Your sleep is affected. If you’re not sleeping because you’re constantly running mental tallies of what you haven’t done, need to do, or can’t get over at work, you’re stressing. Bedtime is your time to turn off, rest, escape, recharge and reboot for the next day. If you aren’t doing any or all of those things every night, you’re defeating the purpose. Getting a good night’s sleep aids mental health and often leads to good, productive days. Take advantage.
  2. You’re constantly sick. Believe it or not, some illnesses manifests when we are experiencing stress or constant low vibrations. Stress doesn’t only take a toll on the mind–it always seems to work its way into the body.
  3. You consider calling in every day. If every morning the thought crosses your mind to stay home for no other reason than you just don’t want to be there you’re likely stressed. A healthy, fruitful, balanced work environment isn’t one that you’re trying to avoid on a daily basis. Sure, everyone can appreciate a day off but the desire to escape every day is pushing it.
  4. You’re irritable. If your co-worker has been a loud chewer since day one but lately the mere sight of them with food almost causes you to lose it, it’s not them, it’s you. You’re on edge because you’re stressed out and can’t seem to find your Zen. Symptoms of stress can be outbursts, unmerited anger, and irritability. Check yourself.
  5. You’re always tempted to quit. You shouldn’t have to give yourself a pep talk in order to stay at work every day. If one foot is at your desk and the other is facing the door you need to ask yourself why you’re trying to make a run for it. If every day seems like it should be your last, there must be some reassessment. Stress-free workers aren’t checking for the nearest exit.

If any or all of the above apply to you, something has to change. Be sure to make the necessary changes, as soon as possible, to lessen your levels of stress. Your life and livelihood depend on it.