5 Traits that May Hold You Back From Career Advancement

5 Traits that May Hold You Back From Career Advancement

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Most people are inclined to think that if you work hard and remain diligent then ultimately, inevitably, you’ll climb the corporate ladder, eventually reaching the top.

This, however, isn’t always true. The truth of the matter is that there are those who may work hard, but possess personality traits that may prove to be the barrier between them and their achievements.

Below is a list of the traits you may have that may cause a detour on your road to success.


If you tend to think “I” more than team, you’re headed down the wrong path. No one in corporate America is an island. It takes collaborative efforts in order to get the job done. If you have trouble collaborating or prefer to keep tasks, accomplishments, or feedback to yourself, you’ll eventually find yourself by yourself.

Share. Whether it’s knowledge, praise, insight, or pertinent details, be sure that your team is always privy to what you know or receive that may be helpful to them. Everyone can appreciate a team player.



If you’ve ever had a colleague that you didn’t like, you’ve likely done everything you can to avoid working with or being around this person. We spend many hours during the week with coworkers. At the very least, we’d like them to be pleasant. It takes no time for word to get around that you’re a bad seed. This, alone, puts you closer to the exit than to the top.



Yes, you want to be driven and assertive, but that certainly isn’t a call for you to be aggressive. No one wants to feel attacked or hostility when interacting with you at work. Go for the goal, apply yourself, and remain steadfast, but calm down. Aggressive behavior can breed a tense work environment. In most circumstances, tension on top of an already hectic schedule is unwelcome.



Being meticulous and being petty are two different things. Be careful on how you navigate that fine line. Sure, you’re likely the type that wants things done right, however, you don’t want to be the type that finds everything wrong. Everyone is likely trying to do their best. As humans, at times, we may fall short. Constantly focusing on the negative will have people positively not wanting to work with you.



You may be the hardest worker in your current position but be afraid to take leaps. There is no greater killer of dreams and aspirations than fear. Try not to grow complacent in being good at where you are now or you’ll never get to where you could be. The top of the ladder is reserved for those who take chances. Strive.



Safon Floyd is the Digital Editor at Black Enterprise. Follow her @accordingtofon.