5 Ways to Propel Your Career Forward in 2020

5 Ways to Propel Your Career Forward in 2020

Feeling overworked and underpaid? Yep!

Promotion? What’s that? I’ve been overlooked when I know I was more than qualified for the job. Sounds about right!

I’m burned out and need something that aligns with my purpose and leaves me fulfilled. Now you’re on to something.

Many professionals in the workforce wake up with the dreaded blues of going to work. However, life’s obligations leave us with no other choice than to “make the bacon.” The average working professional spends more than 90,000 hours working during a lifetime. According to a Deloitte Index Survey, 87% of Americans have no passion for their jobs. In other words, more than half of the working population are just going through the motions. Resources are certainly replaceable but the most valuable resource that can never be replaced is time. Time is precious and should be spent both wisely and strategically.

Think back over the last 15 years, what opportunities has your career afforded you? Have you advanced your education? Were you able to put your degree to use? I mean after all, like most ex-students, you’re likely still paying for your collegiate education. Perhaps you had a salary adjustment and you were able to purchase a home for your family. Now if your answer is simply, “No, I’ve had little to no opportunities” it’s time for a change.

Before you grit your teeth, change isn’t always bad. In fact, change is exactly what you need in 2020. It’s time to elevate your career. Yes, it’s do-able but will require some work on your behalf. First thing’s first, change your mindset. Affirm greatness and you will be great. Cancel thoughts of doubt and focus on all that will be. Even on your toughest days, remember positivity is key!

Laisha Fox

1. Get out of your way: Today marks the first day in which you take the personal pledge to remove yourself as a career barrier. Understand change starts with you. Acknowledge growth is intended to make you uncomfortable. Embrace your career journey, even the not so pretty days. I promise they’ll be worth it later. I would recommend starting a career journal and document your journey. Capture your emotions when offered an interview and even when you didn’t get the job you really wanted.

2. Assess yourself: What are you really good at? Where are your shortcomings? Success comes easier when you leverage the things you do exceptionally well and make plans to address those things you don’t. When professionals are successful in their careers, they love what they do. When it’s fueled by passion, it rarely feels like work.

3. Update your résumé: Your résumé is your professional narrative and certainly, it should tell the best story about you. Ditch the copy and paste of job descriptions résumé and create a story that shows your contributions and how you’ve moved the needle. The job market is very competitive. Position yourself to stand out in the crowd. January and February are the best times to look for a job because budgets have been created for new talent.

4. Hire a career coach: I’m sure the results of your self-assessment won’t come as a surprise but perhaps you uncovered some ugly truths. In your discovery, you may have identified what’s hindered your growth. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a coach and propel your career forward. Career coaches are great accountability partners. They help you define career goals and establish your career trajectory. They even help you secure the resources you lack. You don’t know what you don’t know; hire the help you need. As a career coach, I’ve witnessed the professional growth of many of my clients resulting from the investment in themselves.

5. Don’t take no for an answer: When one door closes, another is guaranteed to open. Delay certainly doesn’t mean denied. Make a personal commitment to not give up when things don’t move at your desired pace or if you happen to be told no. Consider the no as a warning sign; better awaits you. This journey requires patience and diligence. Good luck!

Prepare for greatness and embrace the changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to plan the work and work the plan. Use these next few weeks to create a dynamic career growth strategy.

Laisha L. Fox is the CEO of LLF-Consulting and is known for being a Professional Development maven. She assists professionals with climbing the ‘Corporate Ladder’ and help Business owners scale their businesses. Her customized best practices and tools have improved business bottom lines and increased paychecks.