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In Honor Of Ashanti’s New Nelly Purse, Here Are 6 Black-Owned Handbags You Need To Own

While rocking an unconventional purse to the 2023 VMAs, Ashanti revealed the cute details on a love story decades in the making.

The singer made headlines when she donned a green clutch with an adorable pic of her then and now- beau Nelly front and center. Unabashed about her reignited love, Ashanti told People on the red carpet that the two are in a “great space” and “having a lot of fun” in their relationship.

As the announcement became a trending topic, snippets of her full look featuring the green clutch was shared by multiple news outlets, with E! News reporting where she got the photo.


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“This is the picture we took 20 years ago at the VMAs in ’03,” shared the Grammy winner.

As Ashanti confirmed the rumored relationship, BLACK ENTERPRISE has a different kind of scoop for those who love ingenuity and want to further indulge in fashions that signify Black love.

With these Black-owned handbags, featuring the works of the innovative Ciriaco and expansive Tote&Carry, these up-and-coming Black designers will be your new partner in crime.


1.) Ciriaco


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With its popular Ashley minimalist Baguette design slowly emerging as a trendy new “it” bag, you can’t go wrong supporting this Atlanta native’s brand that brings asymmetrical silhouettes to the forefront.

2.) Anima Iris


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Let’s face it, if Beyoncé approved it, we’re interested. This brand’s products are all handmade in Africa, specifically by experts in Dakar, Senegal. With craftsmanship at this level, who wouldn’t want to splurge?

3.) Tote&Carry


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Deemed “where fashion and travel meet,” those who want to rock a complete set of Black-owned travel bags should look no further. Your purse, duffle bag, and carry-on luggage matching? It’s the new standard in Black luxury.

4.) VNM by Vixen


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This brand is for the people whose bags are solely for brunch money. Pronounced “ven-uhm,” its collection of signature “The Brunch” mini-bags are a necessity for any gathering with the girls.

5.) Monazeni


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This “unique luxury” brand hosts a wide assortment of bag designs to cater to every mood, from business to block party. Their fur “Anya” bags are guaranteed to be your go-to plus-one for any event.

6.) KUA



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Who needs a birkin bag when you can rock KUA’s perfectly constructed “Heritage” handbag by Ghanaian designer Ruby Buah? KUA, which stands for” keeping us authentic,” also keeps the girlies purse game quite elevated.

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