Forget a Personal Trainer, 7 Get-Fit Apps to Keep You Healthy

Forget a Personal Trainer, 7 Get-Fit Apps to Keep You Healthy

Nearly everyone wants to look like an A-list celebrity or a superstar athlete whose main job is to stay in shape and look good, or so it seems.  These individuals have access to the best trainers and chefs who are on call to prepare healthy meals for them, which undoubtedly makes it easier to maintain a fit lifestyle. Nowadays, you don’t have to rely on outside sources to get in shape, that capability lies in the palm of your hand.

In a technology-driven culture, individuals can use their smartphone to enhance the visual component of their personal brand. The food and fitness tech movement is empowering regular Americans to leverage innovative tools to track food and fitness decisions, as well as enable them to lose weight, be more fit and make healthier choices. As a personal brand strategist, I recognize that the visual touch points of my brand make impressions that impact my ability to generate revenue and the perception of my customers.  This is extremely important for me because my business requires me to embody what others aspire to be. With numerous health-related tech tools out on the market, here are several worthwhile mobile applications that will enable you to use your smartphone to live a healthier life:

The Eatery (free, iTunes App Store)

More efficient than a calorie-counting device, this iPhone application helps you eat better. Spend a few seconds before each meal snapping a photo of your food and rating your dish.  The app provides a breakdown of your habits, including your strengths, weaknesses, and ways to start making improvements. The free app also allows users to get useful feedback on their food selections from other users

Meal Snap ($2.99, iTunes App Store)

The food-tracking application lets you snap photos of your meals, and it calculates how many calories you consumed, too. If you’re into sharing your meal selections, this app allows you to share what you ate with your network on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

GAIN Fitness (free/advanced exercises for $2.99 a piece, iTunes App Store)

The gym isn’t the only place to find a trainer these days. The GAIN Fitness app serves as a personal trainer in the palm of your hands. It allows you to customize your workouts, track your training sessions and view images and videos of specific workout routines.

MyFitnessPal (free, Google Play)

Known as the best calorie-counter for Android devices, this mobile application allows you to track the calories in your meals and pulls information from its extensive database of over 1,700,000 foods, which includes well-known brands and restaurants. It allows you to set goals and share them with your network. Offering over 350,000 exercises, users can monitor their calorie intake and physical activity in one location.

Nike+ Running (free, iTunes App Store/ Google Play)

The Nike + Running app maps your runs, tracks your progress, and allows you to create a music playlist to go along with your workout. It tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS, giving you audio feedback as you run. You can automatically upload to to see your runs, including your route and elevation.

RunKeeper (free,

Track your runs, walks, bike rides and hikes, among other physical activities with the running app. In addition to tracking calories burned, it allows you to measure your heart rate.

Fitocracy (free, iTunes App Store)

Part role-playing game, part fitness tracker, Fitocracy monitors a user’s progress and allows that consumer to share their weight-loss success with their social network.


Whether you’re a health enthusiast or not, I hope this post has shown you how to leverage your mobile device as a health and fitness tool. Entrepreneurs and on-the-go executives, it is time to leverage the technology in your pocket and take your personal brand to the next level!