9 Examples of the Most Insane Tech That Will Be at CES 2017

9 Examples of the Most Insane Tech That Will Be at CES 2017

CES, the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, is here again. The event will be held January 3-7, 2017, in Las Vegas. Expected are big announcements related to virtual reality (VR), drones, connected cars, robots, artificial intelligence (AI), smart devices, and IoT. Black Enterprise will have boots on the ground at the event to bring your live coverage.

We did, however score a few sneak peeks from some of the companies demonstrating their products and services at the event. Here are a few of the zaniest stand-outs that caught our attention, which we can’t wait to see and experience in person.

1. Naughty America Virtual Reality Porn


When virtual reality is embraced by the porn industry,  you know the technology has truly gone mainstream. Set to revolutionize the way people consume carnal content, Naughty VR will offer demonstrations of its VR pornography at CES.

We invite all interested media to experience Naughty America VR, and encourage all headset manufacturers to visit our booth to see how well Naughty America VR videos play on their devices, including Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Carl Zeiss, Sony, and Google,” says Ian Paul, CIO of Naughty America.

Here is someone testing out the Naughty America VR experience (it was the most SFW video we could find):

Source: YouTube, Funny Hot Girls

2. Child’s Robot Companion, PuddingBeanQ


PuddingBeanQ answers the questions under eight-year-olds ask of life, the universe, and everything.  It also teaches music, basic math, and understands up to 50 languages. PuddingBeanQ has rich, human-like emotions that appeal to young kids, and it will react to human touch, plus instigates interactive games that encourage movement.

It will also correct poor posture through monitoring a child’s gestures, while everyday chitchat encourages good personal hygiene and study habits. Note, the below image is not of the PuddingBeanQ, but of another earlier child’s robot from the same company.


3. Artificial Intelligence Kitchen Solution, Hello Egg


Hello Egg is a smart kitchen assistant. The assistant plans your weekly meals according to your dietary preferences and adjusts to unpredicted events, like a spontaneous, at-home dinner with your vegetarian friend. It supervises your pantry, organizes your shopping list, and even orders your grocery delivery. Hello Egg provides you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step, voice-navigated video recipes and answers any cooking-related questions with the help of AI.


4. Turn Your iPhone into a Video Game Console


Hate the control limitations of a touchscreen and keyboard when mobile gaming? GameSir, a Hong Kong-based game controller company, will demo the M2 Gamepad game controller for iOS. The controller connects via bluetooth, and it can also be used with the iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.


5. Wireless Speaker That Floats in Mid-Air


LG will demo its Levitating Portable Speaker. This is a wireless speaker capable of delivering high-quality audio that actually hovers in the air. Powerful electromagnets provide the visual effect of levitation. It’s also a 360-degree, omnidirectional speaker with deep bass from the embedded subwoofer.


6. A Robot You Build at Home, STEMI


Meet STEMI, the STEM skills-building robot. You put this little hexapod robot together yourself, using video tutorials as guidance, then you can learn about technology, including 3D modelling, electronics, and programming a mobile application.

7. Grow Hair With Lasers


The LaserBand 41 is a portable beauty gadget that is designed to stimulate hair growth. It provides a highly effective treatment, parting hair and creating an unobstructed path for the laser light to reach your hair follicles.



8. ‘Tittle’-ating Lights


Tittle Light is an LED light designed to titillate the senses.

From the company’s website:

“With Tittle Light, users can easily set the stage for any occasion with a variety of settings such as ‘mood light,’ ‘music visualizations,’ ‘clock’ displays, and customizable 3D ’emojis.’ The mood lighting feature complements every occasion, from romantic with the ‘sexy time’ or ‘sunset’ settings, to fun with the ‘fireworks’ or ‘twilight’ settings, as well as celebratory with the ‘rainbow’ and ‘sparks’ settings.”



9. Self-Cleaning Smart Toilet


TOTO will demo a smart toilet that cleans itself using the company’s Actlight cleansing technology.

Here is a video from the company’s self-cleaning toilets at last year’s CES:

Source: YouTube, NewsBeat Social