9-Year-Old Tech Guru Elvis Muchiri Teaches Computer Hacks on TikTok

9-Year-Old Tech Guru Elvis Muchiri Teaches Computer Hacks on TikTok

As the song says, “the children are the future,” and Elvis Muchiri is proving her theory was correct.

The nine-year-old from Kenya is becoming a star by sharing computer hacks that adults struggle with daily. Known as Evolve with Elvis, People of Color in Tech reports the viral sensation already has over 125,000 followers and over 1.7 million likes on TikTok after starting an account in March and close to 9,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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Muchiri schools his fans on technology tricks with his little sister, Megan. So far, the young tech guru has given shortcuts for Windows, showing that the Ctrl + T keys are often used to open new tabs on your internet browser, and Control + L will help you align your text. But when followers noticed he was using outdated equipment, a few donated $600 to help him upgrade. Shortly after, his parents set up an M-Changa Africa fundraising page and raised over $1,100. “Evolve with Elvis is currently teaching us keyboard shortcuts only but with your support we can raise the bar to higher heights,” a statement on the fundraising page said. “We therefore feel the need to extend the same knowledge and more to the remotest parts of our Country Kenya and eventually the rest of Africa.”



With a goal of raising over USD 70,000, the funds will go toward providing assistance to a tech institution for a three-year program in Nairobi that will support schools and children with “innovation and creativity” that will be able to compete globally. “From Nairobi to Lokichogio, from Kenya to war-torn Libya. With our target amount of Kshs. 10,000,000 [about $71,787.51 USD] for a start, we wish to build a tech institution that will match international standards enjoyed in more developed countries like the USA, Europe, and China.”