Black TikTok Creator Stirs The Pot Calling White Women ‘One of the Most Dangerous Groups in the US’

Black TikTok Creator Stirs The Pot Calling White Women ‘One of the Most Dangerous Groups in the US’

A Black TikTok activist made a video that labeled white women as “one of the most dangerous groups in the United States” and it has white people in an uproar.

Sierra Thompson, the TikTok creator who goes by the handle @blkgirltragic, posted the video in response to a viral video showing a NYC nurse attempting to stop a Black boy from using a city bike. After sharing her thoughts, she goes on to say that “whiteness is a cult” and points out how white people are making excuses for that nurses behavior.

Thompson’s words are not her own. Associate professor of Latin American and Indigenous Studies at Stonybrook University, Joseph M. Pierce, tweeted the statement in Mar. 2022.

The TikTok creator claims people were bombarding the comment section of her profile as well as the video of the bike incident to prove the white women’s innocent over the Black boys.

“It’s wild to me how people still see Black people as one of the most violent groups when actually the most violent among us has the inability to hold their community members accountable for the ways in which they harm others,” Thompson said.

“You know who you are.”

Her video made its way to Twitter and was reposted by Libs of TikTok only to have anti-woke page, Thoughts of a Women, share their rebuttal.

“It’s crazy how non-white people can speak this way about white people and it’s not a problem,” the user tweeted. “White people are hated on so greatly in this country and it’s really sad to see.” They weren’t alone in their thoughts.

Thompson didn’t back down on her stance, and actually made a video crediting Pierce for making the statement first. She continued to explain the depths of the theory.

“Whiteness is a cult that is fed into by white supremacy,” she said. “Your intimidation tactics don’t change historical facts.”

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Thompson may have a point, as similar arguments have been made, particularly, after the Jan. 6 attacks that express this sentiment.

“White women’s investment in white supremacy is older than the United States itself and goes back to their role in the economy of slavery,” writer Anna North wrote.

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