Eboni K. Williams

Eboni K. Williams Tells Black Women To Pursue A Degree And A Husband While In College

Lawyer and reality television star Eboni K. Williams is catching backlash after sitting with TheGrio and giving Black women unsolicited marriage and college education advice. 

The Real Housewives of New York City star urged young Black girls to pursue their marriage partner while still in college or just after graduating.

During the sidebar titled Cap, Gown, and Ring, Williams said, “This will be the last time that you will be in such a concentrated space with this many, presumably available, men of projected equal educational and financial positioning.”

The 40-year-old, who’s single and has an ex-husband, continued, “And if you desire to marry a Black man, as the vast majority of Black women do, this is even more so the case.”

She told the audience that as they get older, their desirability would decrease, speaking about women like a car that depreciates in value. 

“As we age, it doesn’t matter how much money we accumulate, our degrees or professional accolades; the reality is that our marriage and partnership market value is depreciating with every passing year. Our presumed dwindling fertility is a knock against us.” 

“By the time you reach my age, 40, you will be faced with different choices relating to life partnership and motherhood.”

The lawyer attempted to bolster her argument by calling college-educated Black men exclusive in numbers.

“The number of college-educated Black men is so low compared to Black college-educated women that we’re all gonna be targeting the same small pool of men,” Williams pointed out. “And as we heard today, on most campuses, there’s like seven Black women students for every one Black man student; y’all do the math.” 

Wlliams finished the TheGrio segment clip by leaving college-aged Black women with advice on pursuing their degree smart. 

“If you are a young Black woman in college, and you know in your heart and your head that you want to prioritize family, I suggest that you simultaneously pursue that MRS degree right along with that BA or JD.” 


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Williams claimed that she knew a lot about the “marriage marketplace” and urged other women to get educated on it as well. 

The posted segment was met with overwhelming dissent from women on social media.