Alpharetta Housewives LLC Is Bridging the Gap Between Local Businesses and Consumers

Alpharetta Housewives LLC Is Bridging the Gap Between Local Businesses and Consumers

The pandemic created devastating results for many companies, causing business owners to become out of reach with potential customers.

Branda Peterson, creator of Alpharetta Housewives LLC (AH) and Branda’s Life, launched the AH brand to provide a platform that offers a pool of opportunities to her community of subscribers. The platform opened up a lane for local businesses to merge with shoppers within the Alpharetta, Georgia, area.

After noticing the closure of many businesses during the pandemic, Peterson was determined to create a way for local businesses to showcase their brands and reach consumers.

“I knew that my community would be supportive of Alpharetta Housewives because of the timing of when I began this business,” Peterson told The Higher South. “It was during COVID when there was a strong need for our community to come together. The small businesses that are in Alpharetta and its surrounding cities needed someone to help raise awareness that their businesses were still open.”

She exercised her marketing skills and took to social media to present a variety of brands to the public. In return, customers were offered special incentives, including discounts, exclusives, and events by AH.

With experience working with major brands such as DIOR, AppleTv, Amazon Video, and Hilton, Peterson shared words of advice with The Higher South on creating brand partnerships.

“…It is imperative to fully learn and research each brand prior to approaching it. More importantly, be certain that partnerships make sense for both you and the business you are attempting to acquire. Additionally, be certain this is a brand that you would be proud to partner with,” Peterson said.

Subscribers to the AH community have access to private, upscale events coordinated through the platform. A membership with Alpharetta Housewives is open for anyone.

“If you are interested in attending events, socializing, networking, and saving money, then the AH membership is for you,” she said.

Peterson will host her Branda’s Reserve pop up, where music-loving, cigar-smoking, fedora-wearing, thrill seekers can enjoy good food and drinks and live music. In addition to running the exclusive brand, Peterson has a full-time job in marketing.