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Angela Simmons Dives Into Deep Fried Oreos With Slutty Vegan

The company has partnered with the popular restaurant before.

Angela Simmons is staying deep (fried) in her bag. The owner of Angela’s Cakes, a vegan cake mix, has partnered with Slutty Vegan to add deep-fried Oreos to the popular eatery’s menu for a limited time.

Simmons and Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole announced the partnership through social media July 9, in a clip featuring Simmons in a bathtub filled with Oreos.

Angela’s Cakes has been in the mix with Slutty Vegan before, through its plant-based pancakes and waffles. The business idea came about as the hip-hop princess wanted plant-based goodies that soothe junk food cravings. Its mixes can not only elevate breakfast, but make vegan funnel cakes for all to enjoy.

The business runs through its partnership with Slutty Vegan, with expected availability at major retailers in the near future. In the meantime, her latest concoction adds a sweeter side to the restaurant’s famous burgers and fries. This new vegan treat, complemented with oat milk, takes the plant-based cookie up a notch.

“With me being a major vegan foodie with a sweet tooth, I’m always looking to satisfy my cravings, especially when I’m traveling,” said Simmons in a press release. “Working with Pinky and Slutty Vegan has been amazing because she shares that same vision of bringing the tastiest vegan options to the masses.”

The venture also serves as a callback to Simmons’ Pastry Footwear. She launched the confectionary-inspired sneaker brand alongside her sister, Vanessa. Despite moving on from the delicious sneakers, the 36-year-old’s connection to pastries remains in Angela’s Cakes.

“We [Slutty Vegan] are so excited about the rollout of this limited menu item. I mean, who doesn’t love fried Oreos?” Cole said in the statement. “The initial rollout will start in New York and Atlanta. [However,] don’t be surprised if you see it coming in other markets, especially with our food truck currently trekking across the country.”

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