How To Ask Fot What You Really Want In The Business World

How To Ask Fot What You Really Want In The Business World

Originally Published Jul. 8, 2016
In business, your greatest assets are often found in the relationships that you’ve developed with other people: your clients, your peers, and those lofty influencers (who are normal people, after all). Every one of them can be considered an ally.But, how do you connect with those people in the first place?

Well, whether your goal is to get a guest post published, land an interview, or establish a business partnership, the important thing is to learn how to ask for what you want in business–and do it with grace.

Here’s how:

Ask, but Don’t Get Too Attached to the Result

If your entire business is relying on one interview or partnership to succeed, then you’re pretty much digging your own grave. The person on the other end of the question is definitely going to sense your desperation.  Clear your mind of any “attachment cobwebs” before you make your request.

By keeping things relaxed and being open to whatever outcome (whether a “yes” or resounding “no”), you take the pressure off of yourself and the other person. This gives you the freedom to truly approach the topic as an opportunity that should be taken if it benefits both parties and avoided if it doesn’t.

Invest in Relationships First, Ask Second

The best way to get something, whether it’s a speaking spot, a press mention or a sale, is to build a relationship first. You can get strategic about who you want to build relationships with (and people certainly do that), but you can also go where you feel the friendship and the pull.

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Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and founder of AmbitionAlly – a company designed to rethink the work world for ambitious women. She’s also the creator of the free 30 Day List Building Challenge for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale.

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