Atlanta Deputy In ‘Violation Of Oath Of Office’ After Having Relationship With YSL RICO Defendant

Atlanta Deputy In ‘Violation Of Oath Of Office’ After Having Relationship With YSL RICO Defendant

The RICO case against the YSL crew keeps getting more and more bizarre, now thanks to former deputy Stanley.

Akeiba Koren Stanley, a deputy from the Fulton County’s Sheriff’s Office, has been arrested and charged after it was revealed she was having a relationship with Christian Eppinger, a defendant in the case, Complex reports.

After a search warrant granted access to the defendant’s attorney, Eric Johnson, it was found Stanley was in a relationship with Eppinger. She was charged with reckless conduct, violation of oath of office, conspiracy to commit a felony, and hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal.

Johnson is also being looked at as a co-conspirator for letting his client message people on his laptop.

The couple allegedly communicated via Instagram and cell phone where Stanley made plans to help Eppinger smuggle items. Through an investigation, it was confirmed the two were texting each other after their social media accounts were traced as well as being involved in an inappropriate relationship that included Stanley visiting the defendant in his jail cell and receiving a birthday card from the jail commissary in April. Eppinger was also allegedly involved in a fight with another officer and Stanley did nothing to break it up or detain him.

According to the warrant, Stanley rubbed Eppinger’s back after the scuffle and said, “Look at me, baby.”

Her bond was set for $1 million and she opted out of making a court appearance that was scheduled for June 3. After being fired from the sheriff’s office following her arrest, Fulton County Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat released a statement, calling her charges “reckless that endangered the safety of citizens, staff and employees at the Fulton County Courthouse,” according to 11 Alive.

Stanley has a history of complaints while working for law enforcement agencies. While working for the Atlanta Police Department between 2016 and 2018, three complaints against her were issued within a 30-day span, prompting investigations that led to her being fired.