AT&T’s Dream in Black Rising Future Makers Program is Connecting HBCU Students to Greater Possibilities

AT&T’s Dream in Black Rising Future Makers Program is Connecting HBCU Students to Greater Possibilities

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have been greatly celebrated for their ability to empower and provide unparalleled resources for the next generation of leaders.

Designed to recognize and celebrate HBCU students who are making an impact in their communities and campus, Rising Future Makers is a direct extension of AT&T’s ongoing commitment to empower future leaders and create connected communities, while shining a light on the esteemed talent that HBCU’s are known to produce.

AT&T Dream in Black is committed to lending its support by empowering diverse communities and celebrating the culture and creators who shape it through its Rising Future Makers, creating a unique pathway for Black students to achieve greater success.

Bridging the digital divide, which disproportionately impacts communities of color, AT&T Dream in Black provides resources that not only foster economic growth but support educational advancement and innovation within the Black community.

“As a graduate of an HBCU, I know that there is no shortage of talent on our campuses, but oftentimes because of the inequities our community faces, there is a shortage of opportunities. AT&T’s Dream in Black Rising Future Maker’s program supports HBCU students in so many ways – one of the most impactful being the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for effecting positive change in our communities,” said Ragin Al-nahdy, AT&T 5G squad member.

As a brand known and celebrated for connecting people near and far, AT&T is introducing HBCU students to a new world of possibilities, networking, and mentorship opportunities with Dream in Black partners and celebrity advocates to support their dreams and ambitions.

“AT&T’s Rising future makers campaign is another incredible example of what it looks like to use your resources to give back and invest in the careers of the people coming behind you,” said Gia Peppers, AT&T Dream in Black celebrity advocate.

“Mentorship has been a game changer for me since I was that age in college. Being a part of this campaign has only made me double down on its importance in my career and every person who is following any dream.”

“These students have access to industry experts and leaders who can teach them valuable lessons that they’ll never learn in the classroom alone. When I have the chance to interact with the students, they are always the brightest and best of their HBCUs. It’s an honor to be a part of this campaign.”

Honorees are awarded $5Gs ($5,000) presented by AT&T 5G and a 5G-enabled mobile phone with one year of AT&T service.

“This initiative creates pathways for the next generation of black leaders with guidance from mentors who may have never known who they were without this program, and also by investing $5000, or 5Gs, into each student selected,” said Peppers.

“This program is incredible because it doesn’t just teach you how to fish, it gives you the tools and resources you need to catch the fish as well.”

“Every student I’ve met from this program has never wavered and how vital this experience is to not only who they are, but who they will become.”

“AT&T Dream in Black Rising Future Makers will once again amplify HBCUs and shine a light on students who are making positive contributions to our society,” said Michelle Jordan, chief diversity officer, AT&T. “I’m inspired by how these students authentically show up and represent their campus and their community, and we are proud to support their drive to lead through adversity and be the example for future generations.”