Auntie Oprah Pushes Stroller for First Time Ever During Garden Walk With Gayle King’s Grandbaby

Auntie Oprah Pushes Stroller for First Time Ever During Garden Walk With Gayle King’s Grandbaby

At 68 years old, Oprah Winfrey admits it was her first time ever pushing a baby stroller today while on a leisurely walk through her garden with BFF Gayle King’s 11-month-old grandson, Luca.

In a social media post, the renowned talk show host shares a video of the outing during a gorgeous clear blue sky day, set to the sound of soothing birdsong as they stroll through the luscious green garden. King’s daughter Kirby Bumpus is also seen in the video, as they take Luca to baby’s first harvest and even try out some of the fresh-plucked veggies. 

Oprah captions the heart-warming video: “First Harvest Day and garden adventure for Luca and my first time pushing a stroller. Goes to show you that it’s never too late or too early to learn.” 

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The video ends with a few snapshots of the harvested produce, including collard greens, carrots, and lavender. Baby Luca is also seen eager to test the leafy greens.

The post melted many commenter’s hearts, praising the 18-time Daytime Emmy Award-winner for taking the baby out into nature, getting his first taste of gardening, and making lifelong memories or even new traditions, set against a beautiful sunny day.

Recently, the TV mogul shared during the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was trying to teach baby Luca to refer to her as Auntie O. She admitted to repeating the nickname any time she’s around Luca, making exaggerated gestures to get the baby to mimic her.

“Every time I see the baby, I’m like, ‘O, O, O,’” she said, opening her mouth enthusiastically. “Auntie O. It’s so easy to say. Auntie Ohhh.”

She went on to reveal what Luca’s actual nickname for her really is. 

“Gaia,” she said shared. “Which means Mother Earth.”

She continued, “I say, ‘You’re not Mother Earth. You’re not mother of the earth. You’re just one grandmother.’”

Defeated, Oprah then joked, “The real truth is… babies decide for themselves what they want to call you.”