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Cowboy Core Fashion Pops Off Thanks To Beyoncé’s Country Album Announcement

Beyoncé is setting trends not only on the Billboard country charts, but in the fashion sphere as she influences the latest cowboy fashions.

Can the church get an amen…and a yee-haw? With Beyoncé venturing into her Texas roots and southern charm with new music, the singer is starting a cowboy craze within the fashion world.

The rising popularity of cowboy essentials, including boots, hats, and all things denim, seems to stem from Beyoncé’s impact as she makes her shift to country music. With the release of two new singles, “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” during Super Bowl Sunday, the cowboy effect is now in full swing. According to fashion experts at BooHoo, Beyoncé is leading the pack to bring country attire to the mainstream.

Through her influence, Google searches for “cowboy hat” increased by 212.5% after her Super Bowl commercial with Verizon, per a report by the fashion brand. The extended clip also featured Beyoncé in a turquoise bolo tie, in which searches for “bolo tie” also rose by 566%.

The Cécred founder has hinted before at her new era in country. Prior to the her surprise song releases, Beyoncé arrived to 2024 Grammy Awards in cowboy couture, complete with a white cowboy hat to complement her platinum blonde hair. Her highly-anticipated new album, known currently as Act II of Renaissance, is set for release on March 29. The Grammy winner is known for getting her fans in dress code formation with her last tour, encouraging concertgoers to dress in silver attire to match the disco, futuristic themes of the project.

Now, fans are set to be styled in cowboy chic from head-to-toe when she steps back into performing. This also includes cowboy boots, which held a 163% increase in searches. Beyoncé is not only trailblazing new fashion trends, but breaking music records with this latest project. She has already become the first Black woman to top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, and is set to make an even bigger cultural impact as the rest of her music comes out this year.

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