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‘Nonstop Silver’: Beyoncé Fans Flock To Thrift Stores, Unloading Unwanted Silver Outfits From Renaissance Tour

For the last string of concerts on her tour the songstress urged her fans to dress in the silver theme of 'Renaissance.'

Beyoncé fans are rushing to thrift stores to get rid of their no-longer needed silver looks. A viral TikTok posted on Dec. 2 revealed that thrift stores are struggling to sell off the goods, worn by many fans who attended the singer’s Renaissance World Tour.

Although the tour concluded in September, the remnants of its cultural impact are still felt, this time by the second-hand stores that are now left to deal with the hordes of chromatic clothing popularized by it, The New York Post reports.

TikTok user (and thrift shop worker) @mistervenus9 showcased some of the stock that has been accumulating since the tour ended.

“I have seen nonstop silver for the last three months,” the employee captioned the post. The video displayed multiple silver and sparkly items, from skirts to shoes and even an entire suit seemingly made for the occasion. The employee didn’t express any negative sentiments about it, just noting that concert-goers ditched their attire promptly after the show. However, commenters were swift to note the occurrence as an instance of wasteful consumerism.

“This is actually so sad do people feel like they can’t dress like this outside a concert? why buy it [then] i hate consumerism GAH,” commented one user.

Other expressed similar thoughts, with one stating that they thrifted their original outfit to ensure they would not contribute to wasteful buying.

“The way I thrifted my outfit for the concert [because] I knew if I at least didn’t [want to] rewear it at least it was already created and thrifted,” wrote one user.

The rush to match the theme of Beyoncé’s tour stemmed from a direct call by Beyoncé herself to her massive fanbase, known as the Beyhive. For the last string of concerts on her tour, including those surrounding her birthday on Sept. 4, the songstress urged her fans to dress in silver and join the color palette and theme of “Renaissance.”

For fans who don’t want their silver attires to be a “one and done” venture, those who are willing to be outfit repeaters can dress up in the same look at the Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé concert film, which is in theaters now.

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