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Beyoncé’s Country Era Boosts Sales Of Cowboy Boots

Since the release of Cowboy Carter, sales for cowboy boots have increased by 20 percent.

Beyoncé’s country era is not only impacting music but also fashion. The singer’s latest album, Cowboy Carter, is boosting the sales of Western-style boots.

NBC News reported that Circana, a consumer behavior firm, noted the increase in sales by 20% for cowboy boots, occurring a week after Beyoncé’s album dropped on March 29. This shift to cowboy clothing also lends to concert and festival attire, with luxury brands also contributing to the shift. French fashion house Louis Vuitton even introduced bolo ties and cowboy hats in its latest collection.

Williams Trading Analyst Sam Poser confirmed the rising trend, which marks Beyoncé’s impact and reach. Specifically, her influence led to rising stock prices for Boot Barn, a retail chain for Western apparel.

“We have little doubt that there is a correlation,” he shared with NBC News.

Shares for Boot Barn rose 4% in April, a sudden increase that Beyoncé’s album release significantly aided.

However, her promotion of the Western aesthetic to the mainstream extends beyond boots. Her name-dropping of Levi’s jeans on Cowboy Carter has also elevated the American brand. One of its tracks, “Levii’s Jeans,” was titled after the brand and features popular rapper Post Malone.

Since the album’s release, Levi’s has relied on name recognition to market its brand further to Beyoncé’s vast audience. The denim company changed its Instagram name to Beyonce’s spelling, while its CEO confirmed her impact as beneficial.

“I don’t think there’s any better evidence or proof point than having someone like Beyoncé, who is a culture shaper, to actually name a song after us,” explained Levi Strauss CEO Michelle Gass as its stock prices rose.

Beyoncé has stopped the fashion world before during her Renaissance World Tour. Her request for fans to wear her glittery fashion prompted an increase in silver clothing purchases from small retailers. While she has not announced a tour for Cowboy Carter or instructed fans to get their boots ready for a performance, she has proven to be a trendsetter in multiple industries.