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Levi’s Jeans Now All The Rage With Stock Price Rising Due To Beyoncé’s New Song

The stock price in Levi's soars after Beyonce's new song shouts the brand out.

Once again, Beyoncé is significantly impacting fashion trends. Following the song “Levii’s Jeans” from her new album, Cowboy Carter, stocks in the Levi’s brand rose 20%.

CBS News announced the stock price increase on April 4, pushed by Beyoncé’s mention of the American brand. The track, featuring Post Malone, appeared with the rest of the album on March 29. However, the success of this particular song has bled over into the fashion industry.

Upon the news, Levi’s CEO Michelle Gass expressed how this “moment” stirred by Queen Bey has impacted its business.

“I would just say that denim is having a moment, and the Levi’s brand is having a powerful moment around the world,” said Gass. “One of the things that really is significant about the Levi’s brand, and we place a lot of emphasis and investment is making sure that Levi’s brand remains in the center of culture. And I don’t think there’s any better evidence or proof point than having someone like Beyoncé, who is a culture shaper, to actually name a song after us.”

Moreover, Levi’s also changed its Instagram name to “Levii’s” to further highlight Beyoncé’s recognition of their brand. The company also continues collaborating with Black artists and expanding its iconic denim collection. More recently, they worked with Parisian rapper Jewel Usain for his Colors performance.

Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” pays homage to the Black influences in country music. The album includes 27 tracks, with additional features from Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus. Her song “Blackbiird” showcased upcoming Black female country singers as well.

This is also not the first time the pop star has stopped the world outside of music. Upon her request for silver attire at her Renaissance World Tour, sales for glittery looks boosted sales for small businesses. As rumors of a Cowboy Carter Tour loom over fans, how Beyoncé will continue to promote country-inspired outfits has yet to be seen.

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