Beyoncé’s Dancers Les Twins Partner With Kids Write Network to Promote Wellness Through Dance

Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, better known as Beyoncé’s dynamic dance duo Les Twins, are partnering with Kids Write Network (KWN) for an empowering initiative aimed at promoting literacy and wellness through dance and movement.

On May 26, the French dancers announced their partnership with KWN, a program whose adaptable curriculum can be implemented into any of the four art disciplines: writing, illustration, music, and now, thanks to Les Twins, body movement/dance.

As part of the partnership, Les Twins will visit schools, hospitals, and accessible community areas to show youth how they use dance and body movement to cope with mental struggles. The renowned dancers and choreographers will also share their techniques, global education, and experiences while speaking to adolescents about self-love and acceptance.

“We are humbled by the opportunity to teach kids the importance of mental health and awareness through our art,” Les Twins said in a statement.

“Partnering with KWN has been such an important platform for us as we work to inspire the next generation.”

As emerging technologies like ChatGPT take artificial intelligence to new heights, Les Twins expressed their growing concern about the advancements worsening literacy rates among youth.

“We have worked with so many children in our lives,” Les Twins told AfroTech.

“Since text messaging became popular and now with ChatGBT, literacy is lost. Less and less students want to read and write.”

On Tuesday, the Les Twins took to Instagram to share a highlight of the mental health tour they’ve launched as part of the initiative. Acknowledging a altered landscape post-pandemic, they hope to improve mindsets through dance.

“With a renewed focus on Mental Health as the world moves into a new normal post Covid,” they captioned the post.

“@officiallestwins have chosen to use their platform, success and experience with dance to reinforce positive Mental Health across the globe. #MHTour #montreal @kidswritenetwork.”