Black Blogger Month 2012: Yoli Ouiya Of Yoli's Green Living
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Black Blogger Month: Yoli’s Green Living, The Queen of Green

Yoli Ouiya of Yoli's Green Living (Image: Xavier Veal)

Yoli Ouiya of Yoli's Green Living (Image: Xavier Veal)

Ask green living blogger, Yoli Ouiya what her ultimate career goal is and she’ll say,  “To be the Queen of Green.”  Well, she is certainly on her way to donning the crown as her blog, Yoli’s Green Living, provides thousands of monthly visitors tips and discounts on all things eco, including nutrition, food, fitness and fashion.

Ouiya is determined to debunk the common belief that living a green and healthy lifestyle is complicated and expensive. Her expertise is in demand as she speaks at various green/wellness events, hosts weekly women’s health Twitter chats (#wmnhealth) and records regular podcasts.  Along with fielding numerous brand ambassador opportunities each year she is also a board member of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

After speaking with Ouiya about her knowledge of green and healthy living, it’s clear her passion and blogging savvy made her a perfect choice for‘s second annual Black Blogger Month.

I started blogging because…

As a woman, I found expressing myself in a digital medium empowering. I started a digital magazine around 2005 focused on fashion, sample sales, and upcoming designers because I wanted to talk about clothes and share my enthusiasm for paying less for more. The website ended two years later, after accepting it was a full-time job to maintain and I didn’t have the time. In 2009, I started my initial site discussing healthy eating and green living. My goal was to show people that healthy living and eating is not expensive if you know how to shop and make simple adjustments.

Yoli’s Green Living stands is unique because…

Initially, living green and being health and wellness-oriented appeared to be intimidating, expensive, complicated, for “tree-huggers” and generally foreign to me. Through trial and error, I’ve found ways of making it convenient, cost effective and achievable at every income level.

My site provides market insights, accessibility and knowledge of brands, events and people who have integrity in the space. From a sustainable and environmentally responsible perspective, I focus on aspects of everyday living including seasonal and local eating, shopping at farmers markets, producing home remedies, travel and technology.

People trust my brand because…

I’ve been steadily growing in this capacity for over a decade. I’m constantly looking for ways to make living green easier. Between Twitter, Facebook and my site, I share daily insights as they come to me and provide leading research from other trusted sources.

The best piece of business advice I ever got was…

Have an exit plan. If you don’t plan the death of your business, a competitor will. [My good friend] Jamal Lucas told me that. He’s the person that’s always there to remind me of what I promised myself I need to have.

The biggest mistake I ever made in business was…

Not starting [the blog] earlier. Don’t procrastinate on making personal and professional improvements. There is always a time and space to grow from and into.

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