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Black Business Month Spotlight: Fresh Green Promotes Healthy Living One Salad At A Time

When Duane and Tori King started to have health challenges, the couple realized it was time to make a change in their dietary lifestyle. But they struggled to find healthy fast food options.

It didn’t take them long to figure out that if you want something done, just do it yourself. The couple started to make vibrant salads at home. The couple, who boast a combined 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, figured others deal with the same issue.

In 2018, Fresh Green Corporation was born.


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Fresh Green is a fast casual salad concept that looks to address limited access to healthier options in communities. The Kings are on a “mission to positively influence health and environmental outcomes” while “supporting the wellbeing of [their] communities through organic and responsible sourcing.”

With so many food deserts in primarily Black communities, the Fresh Green concept is looking to change that narrative.

“Fresh Green has found leverage in assisting the Black community in adapting to the ‘getting healthy’ mentality by focusing on educating the Black community on how to make informed choices and take control of their health by embracing healthy eating as a a part of their cultural identity,” the Kings tell BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Fresh Green believes everyone deserves access to fresh and nutritional food options regardless of their background or financial situation.”

As the only Black-owned salad company headquartered in Maryland, Fresh Green is a pioneer in advocating for healthier food choices in urban settings. In July 2023, the city council in Prince George’s County passed laws to encourage restaurants to provide healthy meal options in exchange for zero-interest loans and other financial help, The Washington Post reported. The Kings’ support was highlighted in the article, pointing out their own health battles and having to travel outside of the county to find healthy options.


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The Fresh Green concept is unlike some of these other competing platforms . By pushing the boundaries of traditional salad offerings, the company prioritizes sourcing its products through local suppliers.

“Our food products are selected with care and attention to detail,” the Kings say. “We pride ourselves in providing fresh, never frozen, processed, or mass produced packaged food products.” Fresh Green also thrives on offering an optimal customer experience. Since starting the business, the Maryland natives have worked closely with executive chefs to create tasty, intriguing flavors while paying close attention to the details that make them popular.

Not too many salad brands have their own low-sodium dressing; Fresh Green does.

The only way for this new health giant to go is up. The couple wants to open 200 locations in the next five years and are well on their way to become what they describe as being a “prominent player” in the health food industry.

“By providing quality salads packed with nutrients there is definitely potential for nationwide expansion in the next five years,” the owners explain. “Expanding nationwide would allow Fresh Green to reach a larger customer base and establish a stronger presence in the salad industry.”


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With three corporate offices open in Bowie, Laurel, and Crofton, Fresh Green has adapted a franchise model with a new storefront in Watkins Park Plaza. Another will open in Annapolis by the end of 2023.

Fresh Green is also committed to community engagement. As the latest craze in the DMV area, Fresh Green is working with a nonprofit called Mark Made to help Duane’s alma mater, Delaware State University, and other local HBCUs implement healthy eating on and off campus. Both Duane and Tori recognize the influence the HBCU lifestyle has on their current and potential students. Why not start there?

“HBCUs have the potential to to play a transformative role in uplifting and promoting healthy agendas,” the couple says. “By integrating health and wellness into their educational programs, HBCUs can empower students and communities to prioritize their health and well being.”

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