Black Chyna Selling Old Clothes For Money Amid Custody Battle With Tyga

After giving up Only Fans to turn a new leaf, Blac Chyna is selling off items from her closet to make ends meet.

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, has been on a straight and narrow since dropping her nickname, reversing her BBL, and dissolving her facial filler for a more natural appearance. But now that she’s stopped flaunting her body online for profitable clicks, the former reality star is struggling to make ends meet.

According to recently filed legal documents, White has resorted to selling her personal items through an online consignment store all while fighting the father of her eldest child for custody, TMZ reports. The once burgeoning entrepreneur who owned a beauty salon in Los Angeles is now struggling with her businesses and claims to have only brought in $178k this year from selling her old clothes and shoes online and to family and friends.

White also knows she can only sell so many of her old items before they run out and she’s out of options to make money. With the former exotic dancer battling with Tyga for legal and physical custody of their son King, she is struggling with footing all her legal bills and wants her rapper ex to cover the expenses.

Additionally, Chyna says Tyga is interfering with the 24 hours a week she does get with their son and refuses to communicate with her directly. On top of not sharing his phone number or home address, Chyna claims Tyga also has her in the dark about King’s health, safety, and where his school is located.

Sources for Tyga claim otherwise and say White is well aware of where the rapper lives. They also note that Tyga pays for all of King’s schooling, living, and medical expenses. The 11-year-old reportedly has his own line of communication with White that she has access to, hence not having Tyga’s phone number.

Chyna wants the courts to solidify a schedule where she can spend more time with King without Tyga’s interference. She also wants the “Rack City” rapper to cover $125,000 in her legal bills.

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