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Atlanta-Based Black-Owned Bail Bonds Company Used By Trump Defendants

The Black woman CEO of an Atlanta-based bail bonding company was shocked to discover her latest clients were part of a nationally recognized case. Jennifer Greene‘s business, Free at Last Bail Bonds, was used by three people indicted in Donald Trump‘s election fraud case in Fulton County, Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirmed this. Former President Trump was indicted Aug.14 for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia; 18 allies were also charged.

While keeping her political beliefs (and clients) confidential, Greene told the AJC that she wants the opportunity to shed light on why businesses like hers are vital.

“The majority of our clientele, unlike Trump cohorts, they don’t have $10,000 just sitting around to get out of jail,” she said. “So going through a bonding company, you’re able to finance your bail premium.”

While Greene’s batch of Trump-affiliated clients need less financial help getting released from their cells, it is important to her that she provide the same quality of service.

The history of Free At Last, which has eight locations, goes back generations. Greene’s mother started the business, developing a relationship with the Fulton County Jail, leading to members of the Trump case to entrust their bail needs with the company. Greene’s next feat is ensuring that her high-profile clients show up to their court dates so the full payment does not have to be made.

“My counterparts may not understand why I’m doing this, ” said Greene. “I mean, the people who believe that Trump and his cohorts are guilty. But that’s not my job. Our job is to ensure that you get back home to your family and you continue with your life so that you can have a livelihood that doesn’t lead you to a life of crime.”

Whether or not Greene’s mission will be fulfilled with this set of clients remains in question.

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