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Black-Owned Golf Apparel Brand Eastside Golf Projected To Generate $4M In 2024

Black-owned golf apparel brand Eastside Golf started out with $100,000 in revenue its first year to a projected $4 million in 2024.

In recent years, a new wave of golf apparel brands have emerged, revolutionizing the sport with bold designs and attracting diverse players. One such brand making waves is Eastside Golf, founded in June 2019 by Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Cooper. Eastside Golf has experienced exponential growth, starting from two to 16 employees. According to FastCompany, with revenue starting at $100,000 in its first year, it is projected to reach $4 million by the close of 2023.

Initially a golf lifestyle apparel company, the brand has evolved into a significant force in diversifying the sport, adorned by luminaries like Barack Obama, DJ Khaled, Dwyane Wade, and CC Sabathia. Collaborations with Jordan Brand, the NBA, Apple, and Mercedes-Benz USA have cemented Eastside Golf’s position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Ajanaku and Cooper, former teammates on Morehouse College’s golf team, played pivotal roles in the Tigers winning a national championship in 2010. Cooper became a Class-A PGA pro and a renowned instructor, while Ajanaku, unable to secure sponsorship for his pro golf aspirations, found a unique path. Leveraging his accounting degree, Ajanaku ventured into finance but soon conceived the idea of starting his brand, Eastside Golf.

The brand’s distinctive swingman logo, featuring Ajanaku in jeans and a sweatshirt, caught the attention of onlookers. Ajanaku highlighted the logo’s significance, telling FastCompany, “The logo literally says I don’t care. I’m out here because I love the game of golf and because I like dressing fly. When people are able to be themselves, it gives them the power to do so many other things.”

Regarding the collaboration with Jordan Brand, Ajanaku emphasized the shared passion for the game, stating, “We’re just bringing a different wave to golf.” The collaboration resulted in diverse apparel items and shoes, with the recent launch of the Change 1961 Collection featuring Eastside Golf X Jordan Golf shoes and a 14-piece apparel collection.

Beyond the accolades, Ajanaku and Cooper envision a more significant impact on the golf industry. As the game’s economic impact surpasses $100 billion, they aim to foster diversity and expose communities to opportunities within the sport. Eastside Golf’s donation of $150,000 and a custom Sprinter van to the Morehouse golf program exemplifies their commitment to future leaders.

Looking ahead, Eastside Golf plans community events in various cities, including Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, and Augusta, Georgia. The brand will launch a women’s apparel line around a prominent women’s amateur golf event. Aspirations include establishing a brick-and-mortar store in Atlanta, an Eastside Golf-style country club, and a foundation nurturing junior golfers.

“We want to grow the brand to a place where we’re touching all points of golf,” Ajanaku said. “Growing the game of golf to a place we wanted to see it when we were younger. Now, it’s about putting that into play because I know that’s what the next generations want to see.”

While Ajanaku hasn’t abandoned his dream of turning pro, Eastside Golf’s founders are on a mission to leave an enduring impact on the game and inspire generations to come.

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