Black Woman Real Estate Developer Felt Unwelcome In the Community So She Built Her Own

Black Woman Real Estate Developer Felt Unwelcome In the Community So She Built Her Own

Pam Brown Courtney is a real estate developer and investor who has been making moves in the Arkansas real estate market. Her company, Pam Brown Courtney Inc., manages a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio and real estate consulting business.

Courtney was once surveying an amazing community in Little Rock, Arkansas. She felt the community was cute and small and had a nice feel to it. When she took a deeper look into the community she felt even though the houses were nice, the people were not.


Courtney did not feel comfortable living in a neighborhood where the people weren’t friendly. She thought, “You know what, I can build my own community like that and I’ll be nice to the people that live there.”

Courtney first needed a location and she didn’t use fancy realtors and prospect lookers or investors. She said she used what she calls the “Universal God” to help her.

As Courtney told SHOPPE BLACK, “I told Him I was new at this; and I needed some guidance and direction. He sent me to a vacant piece of land and said, ‘Here it is right here.’ I don’t even think it had a for sale sign on it. It was just a vacant piece of woods and the Universal God said, ‘This is it. This is what I’ve been saving for you.’ That’s the truth. I know it doesn’t sound all fancy, but I’ve got to give it to you. That’s just the way I received it.”

From there, Covenant Cove was born. It is a community of 51 homes, all beautifully, custom-designed and built with 12-foot ceilings, designer paint, Jacuzzi bathtubs, large walk-in closets, and professional landscaping.

Covenant Cove is located in Little Rock and gives residents the option of leasing a home, as well as short-term rentals.