Black Woman Gifts Herself Little Caesars Franchise for Her Birthday

Black Woman Gifts Herself Little Caesars Franchise for Her Birthday

A Black entrepreneur gave a pizza party a new meaning with a big announcement on her birthday.

Detroit entrepreneur and credit consultant Ebony Cochran took to social media on Aug. 28 to announce that she had purchased a Little Caesars franchise as a gift to herself in celebration of her birthday.

According to AfroTech, Cochran proclaimed in an Instagram post, “AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT THIS YEAR I BOUGHT A FRANCHISE (and I came drive-thru)! Family this was hard to keep from you but I’ve learned to wait until the ink is dry to speak on things. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to run a business and not just be self-employed.”

Purchasing the franchise came from Cochran’s previous business ventures, including her companies Blackwood Credit Services and The Tax Place, which she sold to H&R Block. Success from her companies opened the door for her to make a cash purchase on the franchise, avoiding the inconvenience of keeping up with a monthly payment.

“I needed to have a business unlike one I ever had before. One that would thrive regardless and one thing I know for sure is that people will always eat,” she added in the post to her followers.

Cochran’s inspiration for her new purchase was to build a legacy for her daughter and offer her work outside of Blackwood. She states that her daughter’s wishes to “punch a clock” moved her forward on the deal.

Along with celebrating another year of life, the new franchise owner also raised cheers to 15 years as an entrepreneur.

“Having a family business has always been a dream of mine but this route allows me to not have to build it from scratch. This is my 15th year as an entrepreneur and honestly I’m tired of building from brick by brick,” she expressed.

“I’m the first and only Black woman in the city and county. I’m sure this is the same in many other counties. We will change this though…one step at a time! Shout out to Mr. Sykes,” Cochran posts.