The 15 Best #ILoveBlackWomenBecause Tweets You Should See

The 15 Best #ILoveBlackWomenBecause Tweets You Should See

For those who are well versed on the Web, you know just how much slander gets slung on a daily basis. Heck, in real life it is just as rough when people feel as if they can say whatever about you.

So many of us have to struggle with negativity from others, stereotypes from authorities, and ignorant comments about the smallest thing. That’s why it was very surprising that while the University of Southern California was being ethered, Black Twitter took time out to shower our black women with some love, respect, and positivity.

The hashtag #ILoveBlackWomenBecause trended on the social media site yesterday, which has happily continued into today (Sept. 4). Considering how strong the connection is between Black Twitter and the larger world, the fact that the elites within the Twitterverse spoke highly of strong black women and what they mean is important to witness.

With that said, here are the 15 best #ILoveBlackWomenBecause tweets that you should see.