BLK Dating App Celebrates Father’s Day With ‘BLK Dad Energy’

BLK Dating App Celebrates Father’s Day With ‘BLK Dad Energy’

BLK, the dating and lifestyle app for Black singles, has announced the launch of its Father’s Day campaign, “BLK DAD ENERGY.”

Described as “different kind of #BDE,” BLK is uplifting single fathers in the Black community this year by equipping them with support, resources, and an expert advice series through its digital hub,

This forum will serve as the “epicenter” for Black single dads to connect and learn about navigating parenthood. It will include multiple sections for members to utilize, such as “Girl Dads” for the fathers who want to better their relationships with their daughters, and “Dating Dads,” a segment for how to rebuild Black love in one’s life.

To strengthen the bond between Black dads and their daughters, BLK and relationship expert Marissa Nelson will host a video series dissecting topics that often arise when raising young Black girls and women. To provide the best support and guidance as girls go through certain milestones, such as their first crush, period, and hairstyle, this series will address these subjects head-on to create a safe, informative atmosphere for both parent and child.

In keeping with the theme of fatherhood, BLKDadEnergy has a “Dad Toolbox,” another resource filled with
“tools” to help dads in their day-to-day lives with their kids, instilling wisdom from longtime dads to first-time fathers. The toolbox will encourage fathers to nurture their children’s sense of self-worth and to develop meaningful, healthy relationships.

“By providing a comprehensive digital hub, expert advice, and exclusive Father’s Day cards, we aim to uplift and strengthen the bonds between Black single fathers and their children, fostering love, understanding, and resilience within our community,” Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing for BLK, said in a press release.

The official release of BLKDadEnergy was Wednesday, June 14, 2023, right in time for Father’s Day weekend.


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