‘Stop, Please, You Got Me’: Bodycam Shows Jor’Dell Richardson Surrendering Before Cop Shot Him In the Stomach

‘Stop, Please, You Got Me’: Bodycam Shows Jor’Dell Richardson Surrendering Before Cop Shot Him In the Stomach

New body cam footage shows 14-year-old Jor’Dell Richardson being pinned down when he was fatally shot in the stomach by Aurora Police Department officers, the Denver Post reports.

Richardson ran from officers Roch Gruszeczka and James Snapp on June 1 after they were called to investigate suspicious activity. When Gruszeczka arrived, he saw teenagers run from a convenience store and said, “They just shoplifted out of there. I’m going to light them up.” Videos show both officers then chased Richardson into an alley and tackled him to the ground. While Richardson was pinned to the ground, he told police, “Stop, please, you got me,” seconds before Gruszeczka yelled, “Gun, gun, let go of the (expletive) gun!” He then said, “I’m going to shoot your ass! Dude, I’m going to shoot you!”

Richardson was then shot while he lay face up. Video shows both officers were restraining at least one of his hands.

Richardson’s weapon was a pellet gun, which looks similar to a handgun, according to Aurora police Chief Art Acevedo. “We know without a doubt it was on his person,” the chief said during a press conference on June 9. However, it has not been determined whether the victim was holding the pellet gun when shot.

Gruszeczka called for medical assistance after the shots were fired. Richardson can be heard pleading for help, saying, “I’m sorry! I’m done! Help me. Take me to the hospital! I can’t breathe! Help!” on the body cam footage posted to YouTube. According to the Atlanta Black Star, Richardson was involved in an armed robbery at a convenience store where he flashed a pellet gun at a clerk. He and a few other teens allegedly stole vape canisters.

The victim’s mother, Laurie Littlejohn, said the tragic incident had ruined her life as they just celebrated Richardson graduating from the eighth grade. “He was the light of our house,” Littlejohn said. “For a week now, our light has dimmed low.” Siddhartha Rathod, the family’s attorney, said during a press conference he wants the police department to be held accountable as it took them a week to announce that the weapon was simply a pellet gun. “We are here to demand accountability because justice will never come,” Rathod said.

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