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Brittany Chrishawn Moore Documentary ‘Unbroken Smile’ To Detail Physical Encounter With Police That Left Her Teeth Broken

The documentary will feature special appearances from rapper T.I., Florida Rep. Angela Nixon, and music executive Jason Flom.

Activist Brittany Chrishawn Moore is bringing her harrowing story to the screen in a gripping new documentary, Unbroken Smile.

The expository film will lay bare Moore’s struggle for justice after she was subjected to a horrific encounter with law enforcement officers who broke her teeth and allegedly attempted to frame her. The documentary interweaves footage from the production of Moore’s previous film “Illville,” with raw bodycam footage capturing the real-life incident involving the police. Woven throughout are interviews, news broadcasts, courtroom audio, visuals from protest actions, and intimate home videos, including art therapy sessions with Moore herself.

To bring this project across the finish line, Moore has initiated a Kickstarter campaign. According to its campaign page, Unbroken Smile will not only shine a light on Moore’s experience but will serve as an educational resource for the public on navigating a justice system rife with inequities. As the courageous woman whose actions led to the exposure of sexual misconduct by police officers, including the arrest of one cop for soliciting minors, Moore aims to provide guidance to others facing comparable miscarriages of justice, such as how to properly obtain bodycam footage.

The documentary promises an unflinching portrayal of the May 2020 incident that nearly saw Moore imprisoned for up to 10 years on a trumped-up felony charge of battery against an officer. Despite suffering permanent nerve damage from the violent arrest, her perseverance paid off as footage circulated showing the egregious abuses she endured after simply asking an officer to leave her property.

“This documentary…tells the story of a young woman who defeated the corrupt cops that broke her teeth and tried to frame her,” the Kickstarter campaign states. “Her fight for justice uncovered dirty police secrets, and one of the cops was later arrested for sexually soliciting children online. This is the “Brittany Chrishawn Story.”

Offering perspective alongside Moore’s first-hand account will be an array of prominent voices, including rapper T.I., Florida Rep. Angela Nixon, and music executive Jason Flom.

With principal filming complete, the Kickstarter funds will enable the crucial post-production work of editing and finalizing “Unbroken Smile.”

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