Buying All Black! Ludacris Partners With Google For A #BlackOwnedFriday Anthem

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is putting a creative, action-packed spin on Black Friday.

The hip-hop icon has teamed up with Google to create an interactive music video that reimagines Black Friday as “Black-owned Friday,” and takes you through a day in the world of Black-owned businesses, Atlanta Daily World reports.

The partnership, an initiative created by Google in partnership with the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., invites consumers to devote a day to searching, supporting, and shopping at Black-owned businesses.

“I support entrepreneurs, Black entrepreneurs, and the impact that it has on our communities, Ludacris told the outlet. “

In the video, directed by Charles Todd, Ludacris lends his original rap bars to highlight more than 100 products from more than 70 Black-owned businesses. Alabama rapper Flo Milli joins him as a feature while spotlighting Black-owned nail polishes and body mists.

“Every day when you’re searching, whether it’s for a local business or if you’re shopping online, you can choose to search and buy from Black-owned businesses,” Ludacris wrote in a Google blog. “The number of Black owned businesses is around 30% above pre-pandemic levels, which allows for even more chances to find your new favorite restaurant, bookstore or jacket.”

Behind the scenes, Ludacris is a successful record label executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

“As a father, I try to be the example and set the example and do things with my celebrity and my power,” the mega-mogul told Atlanta Daily World.

“I just wanted to involve myself in this because I felt like it was very positive for our communities and very positive in terms of pointing people in the right direction, showing them how easy it is to support Black business.”

Ludacris takes pride in leading by example by pursuing his own business ventures, including Disturbing Tha Peace Records, Karma’s World Entertainment, and The Ludacris Foundation.

“If it was that easy, everybody would be doing it. Everybody’s going to have hurdles, we all are going to have these challenges. But you got to work through those challenges,” he added.

“The best way to do it, Google.”

“Google anything whenever you have an issue and when you got a problem.”