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Is Candace Owens Attempting A Black Media Rebrand After Parting Ways With Conservative Daily Wire?

Owens appears poised for a rebrand, using appearances on Black-led radio shows and podcasts like the "Joe Budden Podcast" and "The Breakfast Club."

Candace Owens has been fired by the conservative outlet Daily Wire, which did not provide a reason beyond co-founder Jeremy Boreing writing in a post on Twitter/X that “Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship.”

As The Hill reports, Owens confirmed Boreing’s post, writing in her own post, “The rumors are true— I am finally free.”

There has been speculation that the break in the business relationship is due to controversial remarks the podcaster has made about Israel and Jewish people.

Daily Wire is a conservative news website and media company founded in 2015 by political commentator Ben Shapiro and film director Boreing.

Owens, as many users on Twitter/X have speculated, appears poised for a rebrand, using appearances on Black-led radio shows and podcasts like the Joe Budden Podcast and The Breakfast Club as evidence. 

Owens has simultaneously courted the far-right and disparaged Black people for years, most recently cozying up to white supremacists like Nick Fuentes through her recent controversial commentary about Jewish people.

According to CNN, Shapiro and Owens engaged in back and forths dating back to November 2023, when Shapiro called Owens’ rhetoric “disgraceful” and labeled her arguments about a Jewish cabal and statements accusing the Jewish government in Israel of genocide as “faux sophistication.”

She responded to Shapiro with an indirect but seemingly direct shot at him, saying that a person “cannot serve both God and money,” according to CNN. Shapiro’s response: “Candace, if you feel that taking money from The Daily Wire somehow comes between you and God, by all means quit.”

While on her alleged Black rehabilitation tour, Owens has already failed an impromptu Black History quiz during an appearance on The Breakfast Club

As The Daily Beast reports, when the hosts asked her to finish a common saying in the Black church, starting with “God is good—” Owens answered, “Amen,” which prompted the hosts to explain that the correct answer is “All the time.” Owens responded, seemingly confused, “Where’s that from?”

Owens also couldn’t name Ketanji Brown Jackson when asked who the first Black female Supreme Court Justice is. Owens replied, “Is it now? Just now? It’s whatchamacallit. I can’t believe I’m blanking on her name. Can you give me a first letter?” When the hosts informed her it was Jackson, she replied, “Her name is a little tricky.”

Users on Twitter/X have been vocal about the outlets providing Owens the forum to attempt a rebrand. As one user wrote, “Candace Owens appearing on The Breakfast Club makes perfect sense sadly. Anyone who thinks otherwise, unfortunately, isn’t paying attention to who they have usually platformed—and, frankly, who the host is. We are far too accommodating and accepting as Black folks sometimes.”

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